Monday, September 28, 2015

8 Dias Sin Nada. Rohayhu Pablo

Ok, so God really had us in the lucha at the beginning of this week. We had an activity with the Elders on Monday so we were late. I was walking fast and I remembered I needed to call a sister so I looked down for two seconds and I stepped into a manhole. They are everywhere here, they need to have like a little metal plate but I guess people steal them and sell them. I just stepped right in and I just start running around screaming. Hermana Austin is like “Sit down, sit down” haha. I fling my arm around and I guess I smack her in the nose. So she is leaning over in pain and I’m running around screaming and I grab a small palm tree and I’m like shaking it saying “Whyyyyyyy?” hahhah I start walking toward the bus and Hermana Austin is like “Where are you going? We have to clean that up.”  We go back to the house and we cleaned it all up. I was bleeding pretty badly. I was so bugged because it cut me right on the back of the foot where your shoe goes so I couldn’t put my foot in like any shoe, and we walk all day every day. But don’t worry. It didn’t keep us from working.

I don’t know if I told you but like 2 weeks ago it got hot, like REALLY HOT. Of course right when it got hot our air conditioner broke. We finally got it fixed on Monday as well so at least that night after the big fall I slept well. Then Tuesday comes, it was sooooo hot!!!! but we had the first good day in a long time. People WANTED to talk to us, it was great. We were looking for a girl that had listened to the missionaries in the past. We asked this couple and they said they didn’t know but then they just pull up chairs and started talking to us. Oh wait, back up. Hermana Austin and I had been saying the day before when it was so hot why don’t otter pops exist in Paraguay. They have this thing called chupa chup but they are so sugary and I don’t like them. It turns out these people are chupa chup sales people. The lady jumps up and is like I’m going to give you guys one for free. You look hot. She gave us each two and it was a brand I had never seen before. Turns out it was literally an otter pop! We were so happy, and it gets better. They are like distributers so they don’t sell one or two, they sell packs of 40 for 2 dollars. She comes out with this huge pack to show us and guess what. They just give us the pack. So I used that to start a church conversation about the Book of Mormon. We gave them one. She was so excited. She kept hugging it and saying I’m going to read this.  Then we say we have to go and they are like where??? Can we give you a ride? You guys, this never happens! They drove us to the church so we didn’t have to walk. They leave us with 40 otter pops. We were so happy. We literally have seen them like every day after that. We always run into them in the street. They are so great. So look for them in emails to follow. They are named Lourda and Vet. 

That night we get home and we turn on the air and we are just dying. It doesn’t matter when the sun goes down. The humidity just sticks to you. All of a sudden the lights just go out and we are like “Well that’s great.” We go talk to our landlord and he says he will talk to the light people. We wait and wait and finally at 10:30 our landlord closes his door and turns his lights off. We realize maybe they weren’t coming right then, so we sleep on our deck on a mattress. It was sooooo hot!!! At midnight the lights come on and Hermana Austin literally jumped for joy. haha After literally two really hard, hard days God sent us so many miracles. It was amazing. We found Angel and his grandma. We just have been finding new people and things are really looking up in our area. 

AND the best part is that things are really looking up with Pablo. He is on his 8th day without drinking or anything. He is so cute about it. We all shouted and waved our hands in the air when he told us. We gave him a blue tie that they make here with the temple on it and told him it’s to remember his goal. Then we gave him an all white tie and told him that it is to wear when he makes his goal. He can only wear it then and then Hermana Austin added that unless he could baptize someone. He said, “We are going to baptize mama with this.” (Norma) He is so great. I love them both so much. It’s like living with parents. They made us food last night when we were studying. This morning Wanilda came up to say goodbye and she saw we were eating chupa chup and was like what is that, in the morning. hahah She got all mad at us and said we can only drink milk in the morning. I really know that God is making things work out for them. They went to the clinic this week and they said he doesn’t need to enter the clinic because the alcohol in his blood is really low. He doesn’t need detox. So he is going to go to psychological appointments every Thursday which is great because that means he gets to go back to work. So just pray that he can be strong in his job because everyone drinks there or that he can find a new one. 

Last thought, I was reading about patience this week and it was so cool. There is a talk from the August Liahona and it’s called paciencia mas que esperar (Patience is more than waiting). She talks about when we don’t get miracles when we ask it’s not that we don’t have faith but that God wants to try our patience and see if we can stick with our faith. It’s really cool. You should look up the talk. I love you all,


Hermana Ball

PS: I hope you all have conference on your calendars and make it a priority this week. We don’t get 3 new apostles every week!!! I know that these men are called of God and what they tell us is exactly what God would have us do at this time.
I love you all,


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