Monday, October 5, 2015

General Conference

This week was another week of trials and testing, but the good news is it ended with general conference and that just settled all my fears and upset soul. But I will get to that. 

One of the biggest miracles of the week was on Wednesday. I was able to do splits with hermana BRONSON!!!!!!! It was so fun to be with her again. When we were teaching I just looked at her and I wanted to cry. How far we have come! I remember one day in the CCM crying and just wanting to be able to bear our testimonies in Spanish. Now here we were alone in Paraguay teaching the whole lesson like we had been companions for a long time. It was so great, we taught so naturally together. I love her so much. We had so much fun all day long. I’m still praying we can be real companions someday. But the real miracle was that when we were ready to go home I called Wanilda to see if we could visit them and she was just crying. She told me that Pablo wasn’t home which means he was out drinking. We originally had made plans to do splits with another new hermana and we switched her for another day. I’m so grateful that I was with hermana bronson and not this new missionary I was supposed to be with. Hermana Bronson helped me comfort Wanilda and then when we got upstairs she just cried with me, and then was able to get me to laugh. We laughed all night... let’s just say we didn’t do much sleeping which killed me the next day. But Pablo is doing a lot better today. He is trying so hard. Today he went back to work, and is really excited about that. Just keep him in your prayers. I keep thinking that this is going to be a night and day thing. One day he will just never go back, but it’s really, really hard. He did make it 10 days clean. We were so proud of him. I know he can do it. I’m learning so much about the atonement. 

Do you guys remember the 3 doubters from a while back? Well we went to invite them all to conference, hoping for a conference miracle that would help them be baptized. Pilar sadly.... broke up with us...She said, "It’s not you guys. It’s my family. They are just really Catholic. I don’t want you to be mad....."
We said, "We aren’t mad, we are just sad for your salvation. "

Anyway we were really sad but then we went to another doubter, Gretel, the one who knows it’s all true, she just plays rugby every Sunday. We went by and she was so excited to come on Saturday. We picked her up in the morning and she came to the women’s session with us which I think was so good for her. She is so great. She speaks English so she sat with all the sister missionaries and watched it in English with us. Of course we all had our pen and paper ready. She looked at me. “I don’t have anything to take notes.” I gave her a paper and pen and she wrote notes the whole time. I guess she liked it because she stayed for the first session on Saturday!!! We got our conference miracle..........

She is so great. She said she is going to try and come to church this week. A while back we had a lesson with her about fasting and she thought it was really cool. She was like “We need to fast so I can have the strength to quit rugby.” Then nothing happened with that. We tried a couple of times and it never happened... then this morning she called and was like “can we fast together today?” So we are going to fast with her today. I’m really hoping that these two things together can be her answer. I love her so much. Please pray for her, that she can see what she really wants in life. 

I loved conference. There are so many things I wish I had time to share with you. More than anything else I took from it was that we are all going through trials and we need to learn to help others even though we are all in our own problems. We need to learn to love one another. I don’t know how many times it said that. So just learn to forgive and to look past all the hate in the world. I love you all so much!

Moroni 7:45 That’s my scripture for the week. I realized I really need to be more charitable. 

Hermana Ball

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