Monday, September 28, 2015

8 Dias Sin Nada. Rohayhu Pablo

Ok, so God really had us in the lucha at the beginning of this week. We had an activity with the Elders on Monday so we were late. I was walking fast and I remembered I needed to call a sister so I looked down for two seconds and I stepped into a manhole. They are everywhere here, they need to have like a little metal plate but I guess people steal them and sell them. I just stepped right in and I just start running around screaming. Hermana Austin is like “Sit down, sit down” haha. I fling my arm around and I guess I smack her in the nose. So she is leaning over in pain and I’m running around screaming and I grab a small palm tree and I’m like shaking it saying “Whyyyyyyy?” hahhah I start walking toward the bus and Hermana Austin is like “Where are you going? We have to clean that up.”  We go back to the house and we cleaned it all up. I was bleeding pretty badly. I was so bugged because it cut me right on the back of the foot where your shoe goes so I couldn’t put my foot in like any shoe, and we walk all day every day. But don’t worry. It didn’t keep us from working.

I don’t know if I told you but like 2 weeks ago it got hot, like REALLY HOT. Of course right when it got hot our air conditioner broke. We finally got it fixed on Monday as well so at least that night after the big fall I slept well. Then Tuesday comes, it was sooooo hot!!!! but we had the first good day in a long time. People WANTED to talk to us, it was great. We were looking for a girl that had listened to the missionaries in the past. We asked this couple and they said they didn’t know but then they just pull up chairs and started talking to us. Oh wait, back up. Hermana Austin and I had been saying the day before when it was so hot why don’t otter pops exist in Paraguay. They have this thing called chupa chup but they are so sugary and I don’t like them. It turns out these people are chupa chup sales people. The lady jumps up and is like I’m going to give you guys one for free. You look hot. She gave us each two and it was a brand I had never seen before. Turns out it was literally an otter pop! We were so happy, and it gets better. They are like distributers so they don’t sell one or two, they sell packs of 40 for 2 dollars. She comes out with this huge pack to show us and guess what. They just give us the pack. So I used that to start a church conversation about the Book of Mormon. We gave them one. She was so excited. She kept hugging it and saying I’m going to read this.  Then we say we have to go and they are like where??? Can we give you a ride? You guys, this never happens! They drove us to the church so we didn’t have to walk. They leave us with 40 otter pops. We were so happy. We literally have seen them like every day after that. We always run into them in the street. They are so great. So look for them in emails to follow. They are named Lourda and Vet. 

That night we get home and we turn on the air and we are just dying. It doesn’t matter when the sun goes down. The humidity just sticks to you. All of a sudden the lights just go out and we are like “Well that’s great.” We go talk to our landlord and he says he will talk to the light people. We wait and wait and finally at 10:30 our landlord closes his door and turns his lights off. We realize maybe they weren’t coming right then, so we sleep on our deck on a mattress. It was sooooo hot!!! At midnight the lights come on and Hermana Austin literally jumped for joy. haha After literally two really hard, hard days God sent us so many miracles. It was amazing. We found Angel and his grandma. We just have been finding new people and things are really looking up in our area. 

AND the best part is that things are really looking up with Pablo. He is on his 8th day without drinking or anything. He is so cute about it. We all shouted and waved our hands in the air when he told us. We gave him a blue tie that they make here with the temple on it and told him it’s to remember his goal. Then we gave him an all white tie and told him that it is to wear when he makes his goal. He can only wear it then and then Hermana Austin added that unless he could baptize someone. He said, “We are going to baptize mama with this.” (Norma) He is so great. I love them both so much. It’s like living with parents. They made us food last night when we were studying. This morning Wanilda came up to say goodbye and she saw we were eating chupa chup and was like what is that, in the morning. hahah She got all mad at us and said we can only drink milk in the morning. I really know that God is making things work out for them. They went to the clinic this week and they said he doesn’t need to enter the clinic because the alcohol in his blood is really low. He doesn’t need detox. So he is going to go to psychological appointments every Thursday which is great because that means he gets to go back to work. So just pray that he can be strong in his job because everyone drinks there or that he can find a new one. 

Last thought, I was reading about patience this week and it was so cool. There is a talk from the August Liahona and it’s called paciencia mas que esperar (Patience is more than waiting). She talks about when we don’t get miracles when we ask it’s not that we don’t have faith but that God wants to try our patience and see if we can stick with our faith. It’s really cool. You should look up the talk. I love you all,


Hermana Ball

PS: I hope you all have conference on your calendars and make it a priority this week. We don’t get 3 new apostles every week!!! I know that these men are called of God and what they tell us is exactly what God would have us do at this time.
I love you all,


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Miracle of the Mercy

This week was kind of hard. Hermana Austin got sick last Sunday and so she was kind of not doing so good, but we actually did the best with what we could. Pablo is doing so great. I love him because he really just is trying so hard to overcome all his weaknesses from his old life. He really is such an example to me. We were having kind of a hard time and Hermana Austin read this really cool thing about the Lamanites that the Lord is giving them a second chance because he isn’t going to punish them for the wickedness of their fathers. Pablo’s dad drank when he was young. He tried alcohol for the first time at the age 10. We were talking about that he didn’t have a change to not become an alcoholic and God isn’t going to hold that against him. He is trying so hard. This week he is going to enter into a clinic to get better. We made him a book of the 12 step program the church has and put pictures from his baptism on the front. He was just crying and crying. He told us he has never felt so loved when he feels like he doesn’t deserve it. We were on splits on Friday and I called Hermana Austin to ask her something and she told me when she had gotten home Pablo had been drinking. He was so ashamed that he couldn’t look at her. But he is so strong. Saturday he got up and he cleaned the whole house and did all the laundry. We slid a little quote under his door before we went out to proselyte. That day was so hard! It was SO HOT! They say it’s hotter here in the city during the summer because of all the asphalt streets and it’s true. The sun just beats from above and below. Literally no one wanted to talk to us. We were trying to stay positive and be happy but it’s been hard. Our area has been really suffering. At a very low point my stomach started to hurt really badly and I needed a bathroom at that minute. We literally ran to a house of a member and I just zoomed to the bathroom. Sitting there sweating, the bathrooms get so hot in the summer and stinky, I literally just started crying because I was so miserable.  I didn’t understand why we had to have so many hard things in a row. In my pity party I turned to finish and wipe and you would not believe it but there wasn’t any toilet paper!!! I just looked at the empty roll and literally just started laughing so hard. This moment was just so low for me and God just has such a sense of humor. haha I share this with you not to make you feel bad for me or not to gross you out (I’m very sorry if this story is repulsive) but really for me it was a moment of humility and to realize that “our afflictions really are for a small moment and if we endure them well God WILL exalt us on HIGH”. When it was finally time to go home we were relieved, which is sad because normally we are sad when it’s time to go home and we don’t want to go. We drug ourselves home and we sat and talked with Pablo and Wanilda for a few minutes. Pablo looked so good and clean and happy. He had shaved his beard and the house was so clean. He asked how our day went and we told him it was terrible. He said “I want to share something with you. When I finished cleaning the house I took a nap and when I woke up I had the desire to go and drink. Then I found your note and you would not believe it but it touched my heart and I stayed home. I ended up reading all of Ether 12 like you told me to. It was all about faith. Your faith and the faith of my wife kept me home today.” I just started crying, I had been so ungrateful. I wanted to help people but I wasn’t happy with the opportunities God was giving me. Pablo said, “So now, how did your day go? When no one wanted to listen to you out there, you two kept me here.” I know that days are hard. Life is hard but we just have to realize that God has a plan. We all have weaknesses but it doesn’t matter. We just have to keep going. Pablo went to church with us yesterday. I looked at him. It was so hard for him. He felt ashamed but he didn’t care. He wanted to go because he loves God and wants to do what God wants of him. We all mess up. We all have moments like I had in that bathroom in Paraguay when it’s so hard to see the reason but there always is one. I’m so grateful to be a missionary and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to help and love people like Pablo. He in reality is helping me in so many more ways.
I love you all. Have a great week.
Hermana Ball

Monday, September 14, 2015

No te RINDAS!!!

Family Home Evening

CHAMPIONS. Eli, Hermana Austin and I

Our zone made t shirts!  Our zone is one district. It's so fun!!!
Esta semana fui super LOCO!!! Wow, I just realized I was typing in Spanish. I just got done writing presedente. hahah sorry. (This week was super crazy). So ya I always feel like the week of changes (transfers) is so long! We got the call Tuesday in the afternoon, Hermana Austin SE QUEDA!!!! She stayed with me! We are going to be together 5 and a half months, good thing we like each other. We are so excited and there is more! They called another set of hermana leaders so we get to have less hermanas to visit which means we can be more involved with them. We are really excited. Last change we had 10 companionships and now we have 6! So big difference. I’m writing so late today because we had a meeting with all the leaders in Asunción and we just got back. It was really good. We talked about rules. A lot of people have thought since presedente agazzani left all his rules left with him. So we clarified a few things. Poor hermana austin is sick, so she was miserable the whole time. 

Monday we had a way fun noche de hogar (fhe) with a family we are trying to reactivate. It’s Lucas’ family. Remember that he got baptized on my birthday. They are so cute. She has so many kids. We did this fun object lesson with flour. I am sending a pic. just wait... it’s good. 

We had an activity in our ward Tuesday night and it went soo good and we had a member of the Casares family there, ELI!!! She told me before she came “Me being new to the church and all I don’t know what I need to wear”. It was so cute, but she didn’t come to church. Oh well, next week we will get her. But I will send a pic. No big deal but hermana austin and my competitive side came out a little and let’s just say we destroyed!!! Our team won!!! 

The rest of the week was so fun. Hermana austin and I were together every day! This never happens. The rest of the week was kind of hard. I think Heavenly Father leaves all the good milagros miracles) for when we are in splits with the hermanas. Hopefully this week we will see lots haha but we are getting a lot of references from members lately. One of them is a really great lady in our ward. Her friend told her she wanted to meet us. We went a few times and her daughter said she wasn’t there. Then Sunday she came out and was like “I think you understood wrong, we are Catholic and we don’t want anything to do with you”. So that was fun. haha But I kind of like people like her, that are just direct. We don’t have to waste our time going to see them for her to say that a month from now. Another lady turned us down way bad this week. We went to a house to contact it and we were talking with a girl and her sister was like “Tell them you’re busy”. So she did and I said “Can we come back in an hour?” and she said yes. We went back and she wasn’t there but her mom that I think only spoke guarani was there.  We asked if we can share with her, so we sit down and the same mean sister comes out and starts telling us that her mom and none of them are interested. I asked her why? haha and she was like I “just don’t like you guys” and I was like “is there a certain reason why?” I was like not ready to leave. I told her we are just going to sing for your mom. haha So she left really mad. I don’t know why it brings me joy to be nice to people that are so mean to us. 

This week was kind of hard. We see milagros and then the people just don’t change or we can never find them again. But we are working hard to find the elect here in San Lorenzo. Pablo is doing good. Things have been hard with him lately, but he is trying really hard to change. He loves the gospel so much. He is still reading his Book of Mormon every day. The other day we came home and he was so excited to tell us something. He showed us a scripture he found and had marked with wanilda’s lipstick because he didn’t have anything else. She looked so mad, but she was like “how can I be mad when he is reading the scriptures.” haha I love them both so much. I love that we have the atonement and we know it’s never too late to change.

Hermana Ball 

Los Problemas son Temperalas y las Bendiciones eternas 

No te RINDAS!!!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Los Mejores Vecinos en el Mundo!!!!

The little girl on my left got baptized!!!! I worked so hard when I was there to
get her there but she did it after I left!!!!
Together Again!!!!

Mirian, David and Aieyjlen

Maria y Cristobal

Whenever we have a free moment Hermana Austin is practicing
the piano. I get so ABURIDO
So this week was the best week ever... want to know why?? Pablo and Wanilda moved in to our apartment building! It’s been so fun to see them every night when we come home. We told them that we can’t really be with them after 9 at night and they are so cute and trying to respect that rule. After we told them that Wanilda came up when we were planning one night and was like we bought you chocolate!!! haha She gave it to us and then ran away. Then another night Pablo came up and was like I brought you guys a drink. haha They are just so sweet, I love them so much. It’s so cute because they really don’t have much. Yhey don’t really have any furniture in their house, when we visit them we all sit on pillows on the floor. But I can’t tell you if I have ever seen a happier couple. Wanilda’s son is in the MTC now and he is doing so great. I can already see the blessings of having a missionary out rain down on them. This week Pablo got a promotion in his job. Before he was a call sales man but now he gets to go out and talk to businesses. The best part is he works less hours. He used to get home at 9 at night and now he is going to be getting home at 7, so he will have more time with Wanilda. He is doing so great. He has been reading The Book of Mormon every night. Saturday he read about Lehi´s vision. On Sunday we talked about that same chapter and Pablo knew the answers and he felt so happy to apply what he had been reading. He was so funny when Nephi chopped off Labon’s head. He said Wanilda had been half asleep and he was reading and then he was like, “What!!! He chopped off his head!” haha I have never had a convert that just understands the Book of Mormon and applies it. I love them both so much!!!

Another thing that made this week the best week ever! I got to go back to VILLA ELISA and see my HIJA, hermana paredes, and be with her for a whole day in my old area. Little did I know we had to go help some other hermanas move that day. So that’s where that pic of us in normal clothes on that busy road comes from. It was so great seeing all my converts. I was walking down the street and I heard HERMANAS and I turned around to see Cristobal. They didn’t know I was coming. He started running to me and almost jumped in my arms. I asked how he was and he said, GOOD, with tears in his eyes. It made me feel so good. He is like my little brother. Later we went to see Maria and she cried too. She told me you don’t know how much we will miss you when you leave. It was so cool, but the very very best was seeing Mirian and DAVID!!!! So I didn’t explain well enough before. I really didn’t know the whole story. What happened was David never wanted anything to do with us. When I left Mirian, she was basically a convert without water. She knew the church I was true, she just had to get married. So I guess they finally got David to listen and he stopped drinking and doing drugs and now he has the Melchizedek priesthood!!! It’s sooo cool. He apologized to me for all the times he rechazed me and when he made us wait out in the rain once. He felt so bad. I talked to them for a long time. It was so cool. They were married and baptized the same day. I could see the change in them both and how they treat each other. They are so happy and their little girl just died when she saw me. So it really made me feel loved! 

To be honest I was kind of scared to go to see hermana paredes, as soon as I left her she started to have all kinds of success and I felt like maybe she thought I was a bad trainer. She told me that the first three weeks after I left was so hard. She said she cried all the time and that her new comp was nothing like me. She told me she learned so much from her, but she said she knows she needed me for that change to get used to the mission and not get too homesick. She told me I made her feel like her mom was still with her. Such a peace came over me because that’s something I have regretted for a while and was really weighing me down. But to hear it from her that I was what she needed and I did my job with her just covered me with a warmth.

It made me realize something so important. Sometimes I look back over parts of my mission and my life before and I think of how I could have done things different. If I could go back I would do things so much better. But what I realized is that’s true. I could be a better trainer now then I was then but that’s not saying I didn’t do everything I could then. God just expects us to do the very best we have in us. My very best now is nowhere near where my very best was in the beginning of my mission. We are always changing and growing but the important thing is that we can look back and know that we did everything we knew how at that time. I can honestly say I have and I’m going to keep progressing and doing my best at this point in my life. It’s so cool because even though we fail so much God makes the miracles happen if we are just putting in all we have. Hermana Austin and I have really been doing that. We have been working with all we have and we are seeing the difference. We have so many good people right now. We finished our planner yesterday and we have a new one today and we realized we didn’t go a single week without someone coming to church. I don’t think I have ever done that my whole mission. It was a great feeling and our church attendance as a whole has gone up dramatically. I know that God is working milagros here in San Lorenzo through us. 

Amo la obra misional, amo el oportunidad de servir mis hermanos aquí en PARAGUAY.


Hermana Ball o Pelota o Voca pi po pu    

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Como El Ejercito de Helaman debemos OBEDECER (written 8-31-15)

Our kind of baptism
I wore this to study like all week. hahaha Thanks, Ali!
The Masks. haha I forgot to tell you we bought these masks to try and make
things fun for the hermanas. We show up to their house sometimes for a surprise.
It's extra scary when you open the door and see this. We have gotten some
hermanas pretty bad.  hahahahaha
We found an armadillo on the street. I guess someone at it for dinner. It was so
funny. We were trying to find out what it was called in Spanish. It's the same
with a Spanish accent.  haha
Family Casares
Familia Vega. One of my favorite families. She made me a birthday cake and
then wiped it on my face. I love them so much (it's half eaten because the
kids couldn't wait til I got there to eat. hahaha)

So do you guys remember a couple weeks ago when hermana austin and I ate the pizza and broke our fast and had that lesson with Ivanna?? if not, read my letters. Anyway this week we had a Noche de Hogar (family home evening) with them and it went so great!!! I love member references. We would have never found them otherwise. They live in an apartment complex. We have a lot of those and we haven’t quite figured out how to get in to them but if you have a member, it’s magic. The whole family came to church Sunday, super milagro, but the reason they came was because it was Andrew’s last week (the member they know).... he is going back to Utah so I don’t know if we are going to be able to find them again, but I hope so. They are really really great, so pray for the famiilia Casares. 

Also the elders are always so unorganized when it comes to choirs. They always call at the last minute and say we have to throw a choir together. This Friday we had  a huge conference with our Area Seventy, Presedente Gonzolez. Look him up. He is GREAT. Our zone had to sing. We found out Tuesday. It was terrible, our first practice was so unorganized and there wasn’t a clear leader. Hermana Austin and I went home very stressed. During our studies we went into sister leader mode and planned everything out. Let’s just say the next practice went a lot smoother. I wish I had a video, it was beautiful. We sang Army of Helaman and we sang a part in English. It was great. Everyone loved it. MILAGRO

The conference with Presedente Gonzolez was sooo great. He talked a lot about dia de reposo and how we need to really teach that to our investigators. I learned so much!!! We had a special meeting with his wife and all the hermanas. It was so cute. She talked about how much the Savior loves us and our service. She told a lot of examples from the scriptures where Christ appeared to women. After all the other missionaries left the zone leaders and the sister leaders had a meeting with presedente gonzonlez. it was sooo great. He talked about how now we have to take this message to the missionaries and teach them and help them to really apply it. After that the elders left and the 2 companionships of sister leaders were with presedente wilson and gonzolez and their wives. They asked how the hermanas were doing and what we are doing to help them. It was such a cool experience. I just felt so loved and really knew that God is mindful of the work we are doing with the hermanas because presedete gonzolez was very interested to know. 

That night we went to visit Norma and we were kind of bugged because Pablo and Wanilda were already home. We really wanted to focus on Norma. But it was great. She left and we told Pablo to invite her and she came back. She started saying that she believes that when we die we are all going to be angels and we will just be like brothers and sisters, we won’t be together as families. So we started to teach a little of the plan of salvation and a little of lesson 3. It was such a good lesson. I realized how much I am learning to teach people and not lessons. We really listened to her needs but we taught so that she understood she needed to be baptized. We had Pablo talk about his baptism and how he got his answer to be baptized. Then he looked at her and he was like “Mama I’m inviting you to ask God if you need to be baptized.” It was soooo cool. He is so great. He is doing so much better than before. I love watching his growth. 

So Saturday was my birthday. Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes and don’t worry. I guess I look a lot older than 20. All day people were like 20?? Are you sure? hahah But it was great. I literally ate so many sweets I felt sick. and we had a BAPTISM!!!! kind of. He is an 8 year old kid of a new convert family. He is so cute. He was just so excited to be baptized, but we still did a lot to help him be ready and to help everything go through so it kind of counted for us. It was just so fun. Best birthday present! We didn’t get much done this day, but it was a good day. 

The last thing I wanted to share is just sooo cool. We had stake conference Sunday and at the beginning a choir sang and our stake presedent spoke and then afterwards we watched on the big screen in Salt Lake. Elder Oaks and Hales and Sister Marriott were there live. We opened with them then it switched to a part of Paraguay where Presedente Gonzalez gave a talk. It was so cool because all Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay and Chili were watching technology. It is just so cool. Cute hermana marriott spoke Spanish at the beginning. Well, she tried. But it was so cute. I learned so much and more than anything I was so grateful for technology.

I love you all so much. I’m just so grateful to be here in Paraguay teaching the gospel. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold or no one wants to talk to us. I love being able to go and just make someone’s day a little better. I love you all, just don’t ever stop looking for ways to serve. xoxooxoxox

Seremos misioneros del Señor llevando al mundo su verdad. (We are missionaries of the Lord taking the truth to the world)

Hermana Ball 

written August 24, 2015

NORMA!! We forgot to take a pic at church so we took one in the afternoon at their home.

This is from a zone conference a while back

A little kid taught me how to make a popper out of paper and I got everyone excited about it.

So this week was sooo psycho. We had a lot of intercambios with the hermanas. We knew that this week we are having a conference with the Area President so we thought that it would be good to do three intercambios instead of two. But that meant that we weren’t together Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. It was crazy, we were in buses a lot!!! But it was fun. I was with a Latina, an American that is older than me, and a brand new missionary. It is so fun because you really get to learn so much from each girl and it’s just like having sleepovers every night. I just don’t really sleep. A lot of times the girls need to talk so I stay up til like midnight listening to everything and then I get up at like 5:30 and I do the whole thing again, but in another area. But it was really just an adventure. The crazy part was Saturday I was with the new missionary and at like 6 I got a call from my comp that said that presedente had called her and told her that there were two hermanas that were sick and they had been in the hospital. We already knew that, we had been talking to them all week. One started out sick and now they both are sick. They are finally out of the hospital but one needed to go for an appointment and the other still wasn’t in any condition to travel so we had to end intercambios early and travel back home so that I could be there in the morning to go with her. It was fun going to the hospital but it really made me miss America... the doctor was very interesting. He was just poking her all over the stomach and was like “does this hurt?”... then he gave her a prescription for some meds and told her to drink 2 litros de sprite every day, 1 litro de peach juice, 1 litro de poweraide... that’s sooo much liquid. haha It was so funny but any way I hope they get better. If not we are going to have to keep doing stuff like that. In total I was with hermana Austin 4/7 days, but we had a great week as far as our area goes.

One day we were sitting in the street feeling so discouraged because literally no one wanted us. Then a lady walks by and she points at this baptist church and she is like “are you from that church?” and I was like uhhhh “No... Somos de la iglesia de jesucristo de los santos” (no, we are from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)..... ok bye. hahha She just keeps walking and goes into her house... so then my beautifully inspired comp says let’s go contact her house. haha I was like ummm that’s kind of creepy to follow her home. But you kind of stop caring about creepy when no one wants to talk to you, so we go up and we ask the man that comes out if we can talk to the lady that just went in. hahah He says sure. She comes out and lets us in and we had a great talk with her. She told us that she is looking for a job and if she doesn’t find one she will have to go to Argentina and leave her kids alone here. We called the couple missionaries from our ward. They are great. I think they are from like Spanish Fork they work with self-reliance. They said they could help her. She went the next day and now she has a job!!!!!! We were soo happy but the down-side is she works Sundays. What were they thinking getting her a job where she can’t come to church? ahah But oh well, maybe we were just put in her path to help her get a job. We are still going to baptize her though, she is great and we totally found her daughter last night and put her on a date so that was a milagro.

Another HUGE milagro. Pablo’s mom is great. Remember last week I told you guys about Norma. We sang to her and Pablo gave her a Book of Mormon, she is still Catholic but.... we went to visit Wanilda on Saturday and she wasn’t there but Norma was and she accepted us in and we totally taught her the restoration and she loved it!!! The spirt was sooo strong AND guess what, Pablo was scheduled to give a talk yesterday so I told her that it would mean so much to him if she came. She said she would see what she could do. Sunday we were praying and praying that she would come. We walked into the church, guess who walked in with Pablo and Wanilda, NORMA!!!! I almost cried of joy but it gets better!! Guess what Pablo was speaking on.... BAPTISM!!!!!! It just does not get better this this. I’m telling you guys he was sooo nervous. He told us he had been thinking about his talk all week: on the bus, at work, at night in the bathroom. hahah He is so great. I loved that even though he is going through this hard time the bishop still asked him to give a talk and his talk was sooo beautiful. I cried and cried. He kept saying stuff that we taught him. He said when we are baptized our sins are gone but our weaknesses stay. It was seriously the best talk and I looked at Norma and she was crying... after Pablo spoke another member spoke and he was kind of intense. I was worried, but I think Norma liked it. At the end the bishop dropped cane on how the house of the lord needed to be a house of order and he talked about how we can be better. One thing was to get all the hymn books together after church. After the prayer Norma jumps up and starts going for all the rows, putting all the books away. She is sooo great!!! We had lunch with them and we tried to put her with a date but she kept escaping us but she could totally get baptized before hermana austin leaves in two weeks, so we would appreciate that prayer!

I love you guys so much. I’m loving the work. It’s hard. I had kind of a break down this week, I’m telling you guys so you know that it’s not all rainbows down here, but it’s really just the best kind of hard I have ever gone though. 

Se que Dios esta con nosotros (I know that God is with us)


Hermana Ball 

PS: Norma teaches guarani so I’m trying to use this to help me learn a little more.