Monday, September 14, 2015

No te RINDAS!!!

Family Home Evening

CHAMPIONS. Eli, Hermana Austin and I

Our zone made t shirts!  Our zone is one district. It's so fun!!!
Esta semana fui super LOCO!!! Wow, I just realized I was typing in Spanish. I just got done writing presedente. hahah sorry. (This week was super crazy). So ya I always feel like the week of changes (transfers) is so long! We got the call Tuesday in the afternoon, Hermana Austin SE QUEDA!!!! She stayed with me! We are going to be together 5 and a half months, good thing we like each other. We are so excited and there is more! They called another set of hermana leaders so we get to have less hermanas to visit which means we can be more involved with them. We are really excited. Last change we had 10 companionships and now we have 6! So big difference. I’m writing so late today because we had a meeting with all the leaders in Asunción and we just got back. It was really good. We talked about rules. A lot of people have thought since presedente agazzani left all his rules left with him. So we clarified a few things. Poor hermana austin is sick, so she was miserable the whole time. 

Monday we had a way fun noche de hogar (fhe) with a family we are trying to reactivate. It’s Lucas’ family. Remember that he got baptized on my birthday. They are so cute. She has so many kids. We did this fun object lesson with flour. I am sending a pic. just wait... it’s good. 

We had an activity in our ward Tuesday night and it went soo good and we had a member of the Casares family there, ELI!!! She told me before she came “Me being new to the church and all I don’t know what I need to wear”. It was so cute, but she didn’t come to church. Oh well, next week we will get her. But I will send a pic. No big deal but hermana austin and my competitive side came out a little and let’s just say we destroyed!!! Our team won!!! 

The rest of the week was so fun. Hermana austin and I were together every day! This never happens. The rest of the week was kind of hard. I think Heavenly Father leaves all the good milagros miracles) for when we are in splits with the hermanas. Hopefully this week we will see lots haha but we are getting a lot of references from members lately. One of them is a really great lady in our ward. Her friend told her she wanted to meet us. We went a few times and her daughter said she wasn’t there. Then Sunday she came out and was like “I think you understood wrong, we are Catholic and we don’t want anything to do with you”. So that was fun. haha But I kind of like people like her, that are just direct. We don’t have to waste our time going to see them for her to say that a month from now. Another lady turned us down way bad this week. We went to a house to contact it and we were talking with a girl and her sister was like “Tell them you’re busy”. So she did and I said “Can we come back in an hour?” and she said yes. We went back and she wasn’t there but her mom that I think only spoke guarani was there.  We asked if we can share with her, so we sit down and the same mean sister comes out and starts telling us that her mom and none of them are interested. I asked her why? haha and she was like I “just don’t like you guys” and I was like “is there a certain reason why?” I was like not ready to leave. I told her we are just going to sing for your mom. haha So she left really mad. I don’t know why it brings me joy to be nice to people that are so mean to us. 

This week was kind of hard. We see milagros and then the people just don’t change or we can never find them again. But we are working hard to find the elect here in San Lorenzo. Pablo is doing good. Things have been hard with him lately, but he is trying really hard to change. He loves the gospel so much. He is still reading his Book of Mormon every day. The other day we came home and he was so excited to tell us something. He showed us a scripture he found and had marked with wanilda’s lipstick because he didn’t have anything else. She looked so mad, but she was like “how can I be mad when he is reading the scriptures.” haha I love them both so much. I love that we have the atonement and we know it’s never too late to change.

Hermana Ball 

Los Problemas son Temperalas y las Bendiciones eternas 

No te RINDAS!!!


  1. Hello family of Sister Ball! I found her blog from another website that lists all the missionaries' blogs in Paraguay, and in looking at her pictures, I see my son, Elder Spiro, in one of them! She is probably not in his zone/district any more, he has been transferred recently, but so good to see a picture of him! Sister Ball seems like she is doing so well, you should be very proud of her!!

    Love, Chris Spiro
    Mesa, AZ

    Elder Spiro's

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