Monday, September 7, 2015

Los Mejores Vecinos en el Mundo!!!!

The little girl on my left got baptized!!!! I worked so hard when I was there to
get her there but she did it after I left!!!!
Together Again!!!!

Mirian, David and Aieyjlen

Maria y Cristobal

Whenever we have a free moment Hermana Austin is practicing
the piano. I get so ABURIDO
So this week was the best week ever... want to know why?? Pablo and Wanilda moved in to our apartment building! It’s been so fun to see them every night when we come home. We told them that we can’t really be with them after 9 at night and they are so cute and trying to respect that rule. After we told them that Wanilda came up when we were planning one night and was like we bought you chocolate!!! haha She gave it to us and then ran away. Then another night Pablo came up and was like I brought you guys a drink. haha They are just so sweet, I love them so much. It’s so cute because they really don’t have much. Yhey don’t really have any furniture in their house, when we visit them we all sit on pillows on the floor. But I can’t tell you if I have ever seen a happier couple. Wanilda’s son is in the MTC now and he is doing so great. I can already see the blessings of having a missionary out rain down on them. This week Pablo got a promotion in his job. Before he was a call sales man but now he gets to go out and talk to businesses. The best part is he works less hours. He used to get home at 9 at night and now he is going to be getting home at 7, so he will have more time with Wanilda. He is doing so great. He has been reading The Book of Mormon every night. Saturday he read about Lehi´s vision. On Sunday we talked about that same chapter and Pablo knew the answers and he felt so happy to apply what he had been reading. He was so funny when Nephi chopped off Labon’s head. He said Wanilda had been half asleep and he was reading and then he was like, “What!!! He chopped off his head!” haha I have never had a convert that just understands the Book of Mormon and applies it. I love them both so much!!!

Another thing that made this week the best week ever! I got to go back to VILLA ELISA and see my HIJA, hermana paredes, and be with her for a whole day in my old area. Little did I know we had to go help some other hermanas move that day. So that’s where that pic of us in normal clothes on that busy road comes from. It was so great seeing all my converts. I was walking down the street and I heard HERMANAS and I turned around to see Cristobal. They didn’t know I was coming. He started running to me and almost jumped in my arms. I asked how he was and he said, GOOD, with tears in his eyes. It made me feel so good. He is like my little brother. Later we went to see Maria and she cried too. She told me you don’t know how much we will miss you when you leave. It was so cool, but the very very best was seeing Mirian and DAVID!!!! So I didn’t explain well enough before. I really didn’t know the whole story. What happened was David never wanted anything to do with us. When I left Mirian, she was basically a convert without water. She knew the church I was true, she just had to get married. So I guess they finally got David to listen and he stopped drinking and doing drugs and now he has the Melchizedek priesthood!!! It’s sooo cool. He apologized to me for all the times he rechazed me and when he made us wait out in the rain once. He felt so bad. I talked to them for a long time. It was so cool. They were married and baptized the same day. I could see the change in them both and how they treat each other. They are so happy and their little girl just died when she saw me. So it really made me feel loved! 

To be honest I was kind of scared to go to see hermana paredes, as soon as I left her she started to have all kinds of success and I felt like maybe she thought I was a bad trainer. She told me that the first three weeks after I left was so hard. She said she cried all the time and that her new comp was nothing like me. She told me she learned so much from her, but she said she knows she needed me for that change to get used to the mission and not get too homesick. She told me I made her feel like her mom was still with her. Such a peace came over me because that’s something I have regretted for a while and was really weighing me down. But to hear it from her that I was what she needed and I did my job with her just covered me with a warmth.

It made me realize something so important. Sometimes I look back over parts of my mission and my life before and I think of how I could have done things different. If I could go back I would do things so much better. But what I realized is that’s true. I could be a better trainer now then I was then but that’s not saying I didn’t do everything I could then. God just expects us to do the very best we have in us. My very best now is nowhere near where my very best was in the beginning of my mission. We are always changing and growing but the important thing is that we can look back and know that we did everything we knew how at that time. I can honestly say I have and I’m going to keep progressing and doing my best at this point in my life. It’s so cool because even though we fail so much God makes the miracles happen if we are just putting in all we have. Hermana Austin and I have really been doing that. We have been working with all we have and we are seeing the difference. We have so many good people right now. We finished our planner yesterday and we have a new one today and we realized we didn’t go a single week without someone coming to church. I don’t think I have ever done that my whole mission. It was a great feeling and our church attendance as a whole has gone up dramatically. I know that God is working milagros here in San Lorenzo through us. 

Amo la obra misional, amo el oportunidad de servir mis hermanos aquĆ­ en PARAGUAY.


Hermana Ball o Pelota o Voca pi po pu    

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