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Como El Ejercito de Helaman debemos OBEDECER (written 8-31-15)

Our kind of baptism
I wore this to study like all week. hahaha Thanks, Ali!
The Masks. haha I forgot to tell you we bought these masks to try and make
things fun for the hermanas. We show up to their house sometimes for a surprise.
It's extra scary when you open the door and see this. We have gotten some
hermanas pretty bad.  hahahahaha
We found an armadillo on the street. I guess someone at it for dinner. It was so
funny. We were trying to find out what it was called in Spanish. It's the same
with a Spanish accent.  haha
Family Casares
Familia Vega. One of my favorite families. She made me a birthday cake and
then wiped it on my face. I love them so much (it's half eaten because the
kids couldn't wait til I got there to eat. hahaha)

So do you guys remember a couple weeks ago when hermana austin and I ate the pizza and broke our fast and had that lesson with Ivanna?? if not, read my letters. Anyway this week we had a Noche de Hogar (family home evening) with them and it went so great!!! I love member references. We would have never found them otherwise. They live in an apartment complex. We have a lot of those and we haven’t quite figured out how to get in to them but if you have a member, it’s magic. The whole family came to church Sunday, super milagro, but the reason they came was because it was Andrew’s last week (the member they know).... he is going back to Utah so I don’t know if we are going to be able to find them again, but I hope so. They are really really great, so pray for the famiilia Casares. 

Also the elders are always so unorganized when it comes to choirs. They always call at the last minute and say we have to throw a choir together. This Friday we had  a huge conference with our Area Seventy, Presedente Gonzolez. Look him up. He is GREAT. Our zone had to sing. We found out Tuesday. It was terrible, our first practice was so unorganized and there wasn’t a clear leader. Hermana Austin and I went home very stressed. During our studies we went into sister leader mode and planned everything out. Let’s just say the next practice went a lot smoother. I wish I had a video, it was beautiful. We sang Army of Helaman and we sang a part in English. It was great. Everyone loved it. MILAGRO

The conference with Presedente Gonzolez was sooo great. He talked a lot about dia de reposo and how we need to really teach that to our investigators. I learned so much!!! We had a special meeting with his wife and all the hermanas. It was so cute. She talked about how much the Savior loves us and our service. She told a lot of examples from the scriptures where Christ appeared to women. After all the other missionaries left the zone leaders and the sister leaders had a meeting with presedente gonzonlez. it was sooo great. He talked about how now we have to take this message to the missionaries and teach them and help them to really apply it. After that the elders left and the 2 companionships of sister leaders were with presedente wilson and gonzolez and their wives. They asked how the hermanas were doing and what we are doing to help them. It was such a cool experience. I just felt so loved and really knew that God is mindful of the work we are doing with the hermanas because presedete gonzolez was very interested to know. 

That night we went to visit Norma and we were kind of bugged because Pablo and Wanilda were already home. We really wanted to focus on Norma. But it was great. She left and we told Pablo to invite her and she came back. She started saying that she believes that when we die we are all going to be angels and we will just be like brothers and sisters, we won’t be together as families. So we started to teach a little of the plan of salvation and a little of lesson 3. It was such a good lesson. I realized how much I am learning to teach people and not lessons. We really listened to her needs but we taught so that she understood she needed to be baptized. We had Pablo talk about his baptism and how he got his answer to be baptized. Then he looked at her and he was like “Mama I’m inviting you to ask God if you need to be baptized.” It was soooo cool. He is so great. He is doing so much better than before. I love watching his growth. 

So Saturday was my birthday. Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes and don’t worry. I guess I look a lot older than 20. All day people were like 20?? Are you sure? hahah But it was great. I literally ate so many sweets I felt sick. and we had a BAPTISM!!!! kind of. He is an 8 year old kid of a new convert family. He is so cute. He was just so excited to be baptized, but we still did a lot to help him be ready and to help everything go through so it kind of counted for us. It was just so fun. Best birthday present! We didn’t get much done this day, but it was a good day. 

The last thing I wanted to share is just sooo cool. We had stake conference Sunday and at the beginning a choir sang and our stake presedent spoke and then afterwards we watched on the big screen in Salt Lake. Elder Oaks and Hales and Sister Marriott were there live. We opened with them then it switched to a part of Paraguay where Presedente Gonzalez gave a talk. It was so cool because all Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay and Chili were watching technology. It is just so cool. Cute hermana marriott spoke Spanish at the beginning. Well, she tried. But it was so cute. I learned so much and more than anything I was so grateful for technology.

I love you all so much. I’m just so grateful to be here in Paraguay teaching the gospel. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold or no one wants to talk to us. I love being able to go and just make someone’s day a little better. I love you all, just don’t ever stop looking for ways to serve. xoxooxoxox

Seremos misioneros del SeƱor llevando al mundo su verdad. (We are missionaries of the Lord taking the truth to the world)

Hermana Ball 

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