Monday, July 27, 2015

The Week We Almost Had a Baptism

My new Mission President

So ya we had kind of a crazy week. Tuesday my comp was like we are going to go see Gretel, an antiguo, that knows the church is true. She just can’t be baptized until she quits rugby. She plays every Sunday and can’t come to church. We went and she told us that this Sunday she could come to church. We were sooo excited. We challenged her to be baptized Saturday and confirmed Sunday. This may seem kind of psycho to you guys especially because I had just met her in this moment, but we totally bonded over our shared love for “Greys Anatomy”. So we were best friends from the moment we met. But really, I have never met such a prepared person. She is great. She reads the Book of Mormon all the time, she prays, she just can’t come to church. We read Alma 32. It’s great. It talks about the poor who can’t go to church. She told us she wants sooo bad to be baptized, she just doesn’t know. So then we told her to pray and ask God and we would come back the next day.

The next day I was in divisions and, of course, I was the one in our area. I was kind of freaking out that I was going to blow it and that we shouldn’t be committing her to baptism. It was a lot of pressure. I was also with a sister who has more time than me, so I felt kind of pressured to be a super leader to help her. Anyway, it was basically one of the hardest days in my whole mission. Literally everyone rejected us. I don’t know if you guys have been to South America, but we don’t really get rejected that much. I mean they always listen and offer us water and food and then kindly say they don’t want the message. But we got really, really rejected, multiple times. One lady was like “Yeah, I talked to my husband and we just don’t want to meet with you guys anymore.” So by 5 I was out of people to go see and ideas. We tried contacting, it didn’t work. No one wanted anything. We tried looking for members I didn’t know, but I don’t know the street names so good to find them. haha I told Heavenly Father in my head that if he sent us anyone, I would talk to them. I saw a group of punk kids. I went and invited them to our English classes. They said some gross stuff. Then I saw an old man. ahah I walked past him at first and then I did a little circle back and we had a good 5 min of testifying to him, but in the end he wasn’t interested. I was bummed and just relying so much on this appointment we had with Gretel at 6:30. I called her and she said she couldn’t meet, but she would come to our classes of English. I was crushed. I went to English classes so bummed. I was trying to just focus on the Hermana and love her but I was pretty sad.

Gretel never showed up to the classes, so I decided to call her. She said we could come by, so we did. We read with her from Alma 32 when there are some pretty poor people and they can’t enter the church. Alma says “Do we just worship God on Sundays?” I told her that she was going to be such a light to her teammates and to her friends. We literally had such a spiritual lesson. Hermana Pineda and I taught great together. I was so grateful that it was her that was with me. We went over the baptismal interview questions with Gretel and she had a couple problems. Really she just has problems from the past and she is scared she is going to get baptized and she will fall after. I told her that she will for sure sin after her baptism, but that’s why we have repentance. Well, and the sacrament, but that was hard because she can’t go to church always. Anyway, the moral was that it went great and the spirit was literally so strong. I could see satan fighting with her doubts. It was so hard. I thought for sure she would say yes, but in the end she was still really unsure. It was hard. We went back the next day with Hermana Austin and she was the same.

But it was a huge faith builder for me. Just that God really sends us when they need us. Hermana Pineda at the end of the day told me that the day we had was just what she needed. I was shocked. She told me my attitude was exactly what she needed. She said they are struggling right now too and she just saw how we should respond when we are struggling. I was so humbled. I was about to have a really mad talk with God about why he didn’t help me out today. haha But instead, I told Him I am so glad He is in charge of everything because he really knows so much better than me. It was a hard week. We had a lot of rejection, but we worked really hard and I am just so grateful to be here in the mission.

Quick story, we found a girl last Monday who was great. We put her with a date and came back to meet her mom and her mom was like “We are Catholic”. haha So then we started teaching them both. I can’t tell you guys how drastic was the change in her mom. She told us she would come to church and they did and afterwards she said she loved it!!! GOD REALLY can change hearts ... but sad news. They moved today, but she said she still wants to come to church next week. We will see.... It’s kind of complicated. I was kind of bugged with God but then I realized at least they got a change to go to the true church and feel the spirit and love. She said that everyone was so welcoming and I just know she felt the spirit. I don’t think they will get baptized with us, but I know that all of that wasn’t for nothing. I am so grateful we just get to be examples every day!!!!

Fun fact: It’s still really freakishly cold. I don’t know if you guys know, but I never sleep with pants at home and here I sleep with pants, socks, a long-sleeved shirt and a hoodie and like 3 blankets. It’s insane and our hot water stopped working.We woke up without water so we had to wash our hair with a bucket... good times. I am just loving the mission and my comp. I hope she doesn’t get changed this week. I will cry!!!!!!

I love you all so much. Just enjoy every day and look for the milagros (miracles).

Hermana Ball

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