Sunday, July 26, 2015

ROHAYHU PABLO y WANILDA (written July 20, 2015)

It’s been soooo cold this week. Monday and Tuesday just rained and rained and rained. But we just enjoyed it. 


 So I would like to tell a story about a little boy named Pedro. His mom accepted a date in a contact and then my comp taught them in divisions and said they were great.  Then I tried to pass by when I was in divisions and the mom wasn’t that great.... so then we kind of started to give up on them but then Sunday a member told us that she knows a lady that’s son is always home alone. She wants him to go to church and my comp was like “is the boy named Pedro” and she was like yes! So we took that as a huge sign that we shouldn’t give up on this little boy. I know that seems like a little thing, but really it was a huge milagro (miracle) for me to see that sometimes we just give up so easily. It’s hard when we aren’t always together when we teach, but still I’m glad God is helping us know who we need to be patient with. 


So lately we have found a pattern in the antiguo investigadores aquí (here). They all are sooo great. We have three. I am naming the three doughts because they are sooo great. They have been to church, they have read, they just have doubts. They don’t know if it’s true. We are trying hard to help them but we are really out of ideas. They are some people we feel like God is saying “just be patient”. Our new president told us it took him 6 months to be baptized and now he is a mission president! When he went to Salt Lake he saw his missionary and he said after 20 years this missionary saw the fruit of his mission. So I just realized we just have to keep going with these three, we are going to just be patient. They could use some prayers. Their names are Pilar, Juan, and Ivan.


We had interviews with president this week. It was soooo great, mine went so great. I love him so much. He just speaks with so much love. He told me a lot of things I just needed to hear. He is really going to be a great help for the mission, I can tell!


So this Sunday, like always, we had rocking plans to get our people to church!! We thought for sure 2 of the 3 doughters would be there, but then we got there and nope they weren’t. Then to put it worse Pablo wasn’t either and we were soooo sad, but then he came in and I just wanted to cry. We also had 3 less active families at church so we were happy, but the best part is Pable received the priesthood!!!! I just was so happy, I forgot about the fact we didn’t have anyone new. We went to their house that night and they told us that they had been fighting and they almost didn’t come. Pablo said I learned my lesson though, satan just didn’t want me there because of the huge blessing I got. haha They told us they had been fighting over who could use the oven to cook us something. haha They love us sooo much. They always call us their daughters and angels. I love them sooo much. He is just a convert that gets it. I’m so grateful that I got to come there and meet him. So just learn from Pablo. If things are really hard it’s probably for a reason. Satan knows that something great is about to happen, just have faith to keep going. I love you all so much. My mom informed me I never explained what Rohayhu means. It’s “I love you” in Guarani. Here, when they want to speak more intimately they speak in Guarani. I love it. I love you all and you’re in my prayers. Just keep looking for the daily milagros. 



Hermana Ball 


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