Sunday, July 19, 2015

El Papa (written July 13, 2015)

So yes, my title is the Pope because he came to Paraguay this week. For months we have been hearing about this grand coming. It was a little difficult but it was actually kind of great because it was a good way to find all the non-Catholics, but people were definitely a little ruder to us this week. We contacted this reference we got and an old man came out and I asked him his name and he was like “why do you need to know?” haha Then we tried to tell him that God loves him and that we just share a message about Jesus and how we can become better people. He was like haha “ya we are all ready as good as we are going to get, that’s why we have the pope here to visit us.” haha It was just funny. My comp when we left was like “thanks for your friendship” haaha I love her. We were also talking to a girl at her house and her mom came out and was like “just tell them we are Catholics and that’s it. We’re done.” haha It was better in Spanish, but I’m pretty use to rejection by now. It doesn’t even really make me flinch. 

We also met President Wilson this week!!! Our new mission president from Uruguay. He is so great. We had a big zone conference, I loved it. He said a lot of the answers to my prayers. He told us that we aren’t given callings because of what we have done but because of what we are GOING to do. That was such an answer to why I’m a sister leader. I don’t feel like I have done anything good but I guess I’m going to do a lot of good ... I hope. 

So this week hermana austin and I were really trying to be better in everything. We were looking for new investigators, new ways to find people. We changed just how we were doing things because what we were doing before wasn’t working. We had a lot more success this week and we are just getting really excited. We found some really great people this week, but... no one came to church. That was hard but I really thing Heavenly Father is trying to help us learn something so we are going to try and learn this fast so we can start having people at church again. 

I just wanted to say a little thing about how great my companion is. I don’t know if you all know but every Thursday we do weekly planning and at the end you do an inventory of how you are doing in your relationship and she and I are always like “we are good”. then we start complementing the other and then the last two weeks we were just really open about our feelings and as we talked we found that we had things we could work on individually and together. I just love that we are just so in tune to how we can be better. The only hard part is that we aren’t together every day because of splits with the sisters so it’s always so sad. But honestly she is just so great I am learning so much from her. We are a really good team. She just knows how to finish my thoughts perfectly in every lesson. BEST COMPANIONSHIP EVER. I hope she doesn’t get transferred in two weeks. I will cry like a baby.

Last thought, Pablo is doing great. He came to church Sunday and we had a lesson with him. I love teaching him because he just gets everything. He loves us so much. In the night he called us and he was just like “how are you”, then his wife took the phone and said he was worried about us and couldn’t be settled until he called. He is seriously the best. We taught about the priesthood and he is going to start preparing to get it! I love them soooo much!!! 

That’s all. We taught a lot of lessons, I gave a talk Sunday. Overall it was just another cold week in Paraguay but with the difference that the Pope was here, haha but he is gone now ... how sad.

Love you,

Hasta ver,

Hermana Ball
The whole mission at President's goodbye party.

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