Monday, August 3, 2015

It's a mission miracle. I get to be with someone two transfers!

So this week I think God heard my complaints of the cold because it got hot again. I didn’t wear a coat all week. I was actually dying. But it’s good. There are way more people to teach when it’s hot. I just saw the report. High 80 and 90’s this week, sweet it’s summer again!


So, more importantly, we didn’t have transfers!!!!! I’m still in San Lorenzo with my best comp, Hermana AUSTIN!!!! whahoooooo She is the best. I almost cried when I found out. Wanilda and Pablo were worried all week, haha. Hermana Austin called them to tell them she was staying but she pulled some American sarcasm and said that she was actually leaving, to be funny, but they don’t think stuff like that’s funny. Wanilda started crying so hard. She had to give the phone to Pablo as Hermana Austin had to try and explain it was just a joke and she wasn’t leaving. 


So I totally forgot, but the past week Pablo blessed the sacrament and it was sooooo cool. I totally cried. He did such a good job and he just had a lot of respect for what he was doing. Then this week Wanilda left to Brazil to visit family and he didn’t come to church. We were way sad so we went by in the night and he told us that he had been going through a really hard time. I was shocked because I thought they were great, but it really opened my eyes to the fact that all our problems don’t go away when we are baptized. De said at a really low point he was walking in the street alone and he found a Book of Mormon in the trash. He said do you know Hermana Lindsay and Hermana Jarman? I actually know both. Hna Jarman is from my group. They had written this great thing about peace in the back of the book. He said when he found that he just knew that God was aware of him. He said I didn’t find a Bible or any other religious book. I found a Book of Mormon something someone else rejected but got put in my path. He always has the coolest experiences but he was crying so hard as he told us that he needs to be better. I felt so much love for him and I just wanted to take all the pain away and make it easy. I’m sure God feels like that all the time but we have to suffer. We have to go through the pain so we don’t do it again, so we can learn. 


We also had my first consejo de liders (leadership meeting) this week, it’s a meeting of all the leaders and president. He says what he wants us to teach all the other missionaries in the capacitacion. It’s sooooo cool. I always like capacitacion but it’s so much better hearing it straight from president. It’s also kind of scary. You have to put all your numbers up for everyone to see and they all ask you questions and try and help. But a lot of times it is just kind of humiliating but hermana austin and I were prepared and no humiliation for us. We were prepared for them and it was actually a good experience that part. I’m really excited because president has a really cool vision for the mission that I think is going to change a lot of things. He wants us to really focus on converting people and it doesn’t matter who. So this is huge. Before if you baptized a family and a year later they went to the temple you could go and be there but that almost never happens. Lots of times the missionaries aren’t still here. For example, Pablo and Wanilda, I won’t be here when they are sealed. So president made a new rule. If we reactivate a family and get them to the temple to be sealed we get to GO!!!! We are soooo excited. It is giving us so much motivation to work with the less actives. I’m really excited about this. President is great. He just is really focused on the people and not the numbers. Another cool thing that happened at consejo was that the other hermanas have 12 companionships to visit and we only have 7, so we offered to take 3 off their hands and one of the ones we got is VILLA ELISA!!!!! I totally get to do a intercambio (split) with my hija in a few weeks in the best area ever. Also I found out in consejo from the other hermanas that my hija has been baptizing a full and she had 6 converts this last change. 3 are people I taught, but the best part is that David and Mirin got married, the son of Maria and even better then that they BOTH GOT BAPTISTED!!! I started crying right there in the street when hermana bennett told me she had been there and had seen them. I couldn’t believe it. I can’t wait to go and see them all. It’s such a blessing from heavenly father, well also hermana austin and I trying to be sneaky. haha We also got hermana austin’s first area. She is stoked to go back there too, ahah win, win!


New investigators wise it was kind of a great week for rejection. We got rejected a lot but we are getting so good at it, seriously. We hardly even get discouraged anymore. I’m so happy I’m with Hermana Austin. We just have a load of fun in the middle of all this. Last week we got a reference from a member and they are great. Their names are Paco and Raquel. They are going to be a forever family I just know it. They didn’t come to church this week but we had the first lesson with Raquel. She is just really open and she really listens and Paco is great. He just loves Jesus and his family. We just got to get them to accept they need to be baptized again and married. Shouldn’t be hard, haha, we will see. But pray for them. They also have a 9 year old son!!!!!


So the 3 doubters are doing well. We got one of them, Ivan, to accept a date yesterday. That was great and the other one, Juan, came to church!!!! We were ready to drop him but then he came. we were sooo happy, and Gretel is doing great too. She said every time she meets with us she is more sure, so it’s just a matter of time with her and the other two. Pilar was one of the other’s but we haven’t been to see her. 


That’s about it. Oh two things I forgot last week real quick, hermana austin’s hair had gotten really, really long in the past year. We got some professional scissors from a member and I totally cut it one night. It was so fun, but also stressful. I got some good videos for you guys to see when I get home. haha But it actually looks really good. Look at all this companionship trust we have… but not enough. I wasn’t letting her near my hair.. haha


And I had a intercambio (splits) with Megan Gilchrist the last week. She is one of our companionships. She is doing so great. It was so fun to be with her. I was like who would have thought after all the years of Sunday School and girls camp we would be together in Paraguay. And more than that me as her leader. haha She actually was teaching me sooo much. I’m grateful for my calling. I just get to learn from everyone. It’s the best. I love ya all,


Que tengan un buena semana (Have a great week),



Hermana Ball

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