Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Yo se que esta iglesia verdadera (quote from Maria) June 15, 2015

This week was another week of huge milagros! We found some really really prepared people! Wednesday we had our verification meeting for training, which is a test, but really it’s just an excuse for president to see how we are doing as trainers. He took us into a separate room and well, pretty much all of us were just saying our frustrations as trainers. It was like a little therapy session. He was so patient with all of us. The truth is, after this, I felt so much better. The only thing that worried me was when we were leaving president told us to enjoy this week because a few of us won’t be with our companions after this change. I thought that training was si o si you get 12 weeks together. I guess there is a possibility that I will leave Villa Elisa this week. I really hope not because I love Villa Elisa and I love my companion. I have never been in a more open companionship. We literally can correct the littlest things without the other getting mad. It’s great because literally every day I feel like I am growing so much, not only in my Spanish but in my teaching. She helps me so much. I feel like I don’t help her with anything, but then she told me today that I am always so positive and that my example of obedience really helps her. That made me feel like I am actually doing something as a trainer. Let’s just hope I don’t leave Villa Elisa. 

We have literally been finding people like crazy. We have more investigators right now then time to teach them. It’s so frustrating. We don’t get to them all. Then we feel so bad that we didn’t pass by their house all week. But we found literally the perfect family this week. We asked if we could come in and the dad was watching soccer, which is a huge thing here, and he had his jersey on and everything and we asked if he could turn it off and he said of course. The whole family sat and listened to us and they are just literally so prepared, it’s not even funny. They are the family Lesman, so look for them in future baptismal photos. hah Oh, also when we gave them the Book of Mormon the dad said I am going to start reading tonight, thank you so much. It was seriously such a miracle. But this is just one example. We have been finding soooo many great people this week. We had sooo many people with baptism dates, more than I have had in my whole mission. And they were all pretty solid, but then no one came to church. That was a huge bummer. It was raining way hard. So I will try and forgive them all this week as we put them all back on date.

Something else awesome happened this week. Everyone has begun to think that I’m Brazilian, wahooo. haha I no longer speak like an American trying to learn Spanish. I speak like a Brazilian trying to learn Spanish... which still isn’t quite what I want, but I think it’s a step up. Also, everyone thinks Hermana Paredes and I are sisters, literally. haha They always say, what? you look so much alike. How is it you’re from different countries? haha Literally everyone says that about all my companions so I think it’s just because we spend a lot of time together. The thing is I am just learning a lot. I literally can feel the atonement in my life daily because no matter how many times we ask ourselves what we can do better, we always, always, always come up short. I just have to repent and repent and repent until I finally get to where I need to be in a certain area. Then I find another area that I lack, so it’s just endless haha. Sunday was so sweet because Maria bore her testimony and she said that it’s been a slow process but there were always things in the Bible that she didn’t understand and now it’s like a light in her head with the Book of Mormon. She told us in private that she knows that we are in the only true church. This was huge because she wasn’t there when she got baptized, nowhere near there. Now she is the president of the relief society!!!! Her son, Cristobal, bore his testimony too. I cried. He is so much like Ethan. He told them if you haven’t been baptized, do it because you will change and will feel something amazing. It was great. The other miracle is the daughter-in-law of Maria, Mirian. She is so great. She use to have so many problems. She drank, but now she has changed so much and wants to be baptized. She told us this week too that she knew the church was true!!! I have never seen people so converted to the gospel in my whole mission. It was so great. It’s just hard because her boyfriend doesn’t want to get married. ugh We are going to keep praying that his heart will change. Love you all so much. Just when you feel like God isn’t answering your prayers, I think you should maybe stop for a few minutes and think, because I can testify that he is indeed in the very details of our lives. 

Hasta Ver!!!!!  (Til I See You)

Hermana Ball

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