Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Written Monday, June 8, 2015

So this week was great, we had zone conference again. I don’t know why but we did and it went really great. We learned some new rules and we talked about obedience. This was a great opportunity for me to kind of bring down the hammer on my companion and tell her some things that we need to be doing better, and to be honest it was great. This week we just tried to be really focused on the work. When we were in the street sometimes I get really distracted and realize we have been walking a long time talking and not talking to the people. haha We just tried to be really obedient and organized and it went great. Our numbers this week were really high. We tried really hard to have great plans to get people to church because this week was stake conference so we wanted everyone because we had a Seventy from Chili present and the mission president. We had seven people with great plans. We had two people we were going to get but they live in opposite sides of our area. We asked a member to help, but they said they would only help if it was secure that they were coming. So we left early and went for the first ones and they weren’t home. We were so sad. Then we were going to take a bus to the others but no buses were passing. I was literally about to cry. I didn’t know what we were going to do if a bus never came, but then our mission president just happened to be driving by and he gave us a ride. I was so happy. Sometimes we ask God for something and he sends something else and maybe we think, no, I didn’t want the mission president, I wanted a bus. hhaha We don’t even realize that the mission president is wayyyy better than a stinky bus. I’m making a parable that sometimes we get answers to prayer that aren’t what we want, but better. So just be happy with what God sends you. The other girl didn’t come with us either. It was a big bummer. After all our plans, no one was at church.... but I told Hermana Paredes that we know it’s not our fault. We did all the planning. We got out early and walked and we called the whole world haha and did our best and they chose not to come. Sometimes things just fall into the lap of agency and what can we do with agency? Sometimes I want to just grab agency and throw it out the window, but I guess that would make me Satan became that was his plan. Maybe his plan wasn’t so bad after all, hahah just kidding. I know that agency is literally the best thing ever and I’m so grateful for mine. I just wish I could help some people here choose to use theirs in a good way. haha 

We are just doing really good. We are trying to just do everything God wants from us here in Villa Elisa. I can’t believe how fast the time is going, this change is almost over! I feel kind of stressed by that thought because I feel like I still have a lot to teach Hermana Paredes and honestly I have loved this time with her so much. We are finally getting our groove as a companionship. We are learning to teach together and we are improving so much on how we teach and how we invite people. We are having a lot of success, to tell ya the truth. We are really quite happy.

We got to do some service this week with one of our recent converts, Eli. She wanted to get rid of all the saints and clean her whole house and move everything around. It was great to really deep clean someone’s house. It’s one of my passions and lots of people here don’t really have the desire to deep clean, but we got her house looking really great and saint free! 

The first girls that we went looking for on Sunday are super awesome. They are both from part member families which we found by accident. We were just talking to them and they were like hey our mom is a member or your church!!! It was great because that means she isn’t going to have a problem with getting permission to be baptized. We were sad when they weren’t home, but we went by that night and her sister has dange. I don’t know if you remember, but it’s a horrible disease here. If you get it three times you die and this is her second time but its seriously so terrible. We are sad because we’re pretty sure she won’t be baptized while I’m here, but her sister, Florintina, for sure will be. We put her down for the 27th of this month! They are golden, I’m serious! ohh I forgot. I’m sorry this letter is kind of scatter brained - the best part of the conference Sunday was that they had all the youth with mission calls bear their testimonies and it happened to be three girls!!! I was so proud and I cried like a baby listening to their testimonies. They are all converts and one of them is the only member in her family! I just realized how the Lord is really strengthening his army with sisters!!! haha When president said his remarks he said that when they got their call just a few months later President Monson made the age change. When they got here to our mission we had 150 missionaries and like 40 sisters. Now we have 260 and like 80 sisters. I don’t remember the exact numbers, but it was something like that. He talked about how the work is really hastening and that he has seen so much change here in Paraguay in the past three years. They finish their mission this week. I want to cry I love our president soooo much!!! But it’s going to be fun seeing what the new one will change! But really I am so sad. I love president. 

But ya, that’s all for me. I’m doing good, just trying to keep working hard here in Villa Elisa!! 

Hermana Ball

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