Monday, June 1, 2015

Milagros (Miracles)

It's been soo cold. I forgot what it's like to be cold.  I'm loving it.

So a little while back when we had our zone conference we were told to go home and make a hit list from our area of all the people who already have come to church before. As a zone, we have kind of stopped putting so much emphasis in looking for new people. Instead we look for the people who have already accepted the missionaries before. It’s been going really great. My goal with my comp is to find two new people from our hit list everyday and we pretty much have kept it up. We haven’t found our miracle yet but I have a lot of faith in the hit list. That’s why I wanted to share with you about the hit list because I know sometime soon we will start having lots of baptisms from this new initiative. 
So basically my companion doesn’t have fear a of anything and sometimes it’s kind of bad, I think. I’m scared she is going to offend someone one of these days but so far it’s been pretty great. The other day we met this old man in the street who was just sitting in a chair cracking nuts because I guess that’s his job. We started talking to him. He is super cool. His name is Rogino. Towards the end of our conversation my companion spotted a suspicious bottle near his feet. Swiftly she grabbed it and asked what he was drinking. “Ohhh that” he said. hah “It’s just some old coconut water”.  My companion is so funny, she opens the bottle and smells it. “Hermano, this is not coconut water. This has alcohol in it.” hahah So then she breaks into the word of wisdom like fire and tells him exactly why he needs to follow this commandment. It was actually quite filled with love. Then she tells him he needs to start now! I was contributing too, but she was the one with all the guns in this encounter. Then she starts to pour the coconut water on the ground. I got really scared that he might get aggressive, but he just made some painful sounds like each drop that touched the ground was a knife to the chest. haha Then she handed him the empty bottle and we said, “How do you feel now?” He almost started crying. He said that no one has ever cared so much about him and never explained why he shouldn’t drink. We left feeling like real missionaries but then we went by Sunday and he was drinking again. That was a bummer, but I still have faith in him. The point was that we can’t look upon sin with the least degree of allowance. Sometimes I’m scared to tell people that what they are doing is wrong, but my companion doesn’t have this fear. I have a lot to learn from her.
My companion also likes to eat... a lot. haha So we study all morning and every two seconds she wants to eat something. Lots of the time I end up eating too because she never finishes what she makes. Friday we were doing this and then we remembered that we had lunch with this lady (I love her to death but her food is just a little hard to get down when you’re hungry and when you’re not hungry nearly impossible). Before we left the house I was feeling sick because I was soooo full but then I said a prayer that I would be able to eat all the food so she wouldn’t be offended and guess what!!! I literally ate every last grain of rice!! and I ate some of my companion’s because she couldn’t get it all down. I know you might be thinking what? That’s kind of a dumb thing but literally for me it was a huge manifestation that God hears even our dumbest prayer and wants to help us. The key is having the faith to know that when you ask, He will come though. That also doesn’t mean that He just wants us to be asking for things and never do our part. I learned from this experience, and I’m not going to eat a whole bunch of food before lunch this Friday. I just love that God is in every detail of our lives!
The other day we were walking down the street and this woman asked us if we could pray for this old lady who has cancer. We said yes and then she asked if we could pray for her too. Then she started to tell us a little bit of her life and she has a lot of problems. She explained where she lives and then she left. I was worried because I didn’t understand exactly where she lived but then we were walking where we thought she lived and literally at the same moment she came home and it just worked out perfect. We were able to talk to her a little and she said she would come to church. So, of course, when she didn’t we were disappointed, but that’s just what satan wants. I still have faith in her!!!! Her name is Edit for future reference.

Sometimes I do have more courage than my companion. She is always saying, “I don’t know if we can do this” and then I look at her and say “I know the rules and this isn’t a rule.” One of such occasions we were walking at night and there was no one, literally, no one. I saw an apartment complex and I saw an open door with a light. I proceeded to head toward the light and my companion was like “What are you doing? It’s night and I don’t think we can go to apartments.” I don’t know where she got that idea. I just kept walking and she followed me. When we got to the door there was this really cute woman and I don’t know what happened but all my Spanish fell out of my head and I literally couldn’t say anything. This use to happen in every contact when I was in training, but I have long since cut that problem out. I don’t know what happened and my companion was literally not saying anything, I think she was mad that I didn’t listen to her. Then the woman said “Ohhh, you’re hermanas, come in”. We proceeded to teach her the first lesson and she is literally really great. Her name is Mirta. She has had lots of hardships in her life. One being that her husband left for America with five of her 8 kids, so that’s really hard. But she is just so great, but then when we passed the other day, she was drinking and she didn’t come to church. But we still have faith in her. 
I think you’re seeing a theme in my stories: everyone drinks, isn’t married and says they will do things that they don’t do. You may think “Oh man, why is everyone like this? but the truth is it’s just stinking satan who has his hands deep in the hearts of lots of people, but they are really great people and I know that the atonement is real. I know that even the grandpa who drinks all the time can change and it’s never, ever too late. So don’t worry. We aren’t discouraged. We are filled with hope for this area because we know the power of our message. 
I love you all. Time is going so fast, we are already in week 5 of this cambio!!! 
Para siempre dios este con vos- (May the Lord always be with you)
Hasta ver, (Til I see you)
Hermana Ball

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