Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Happy Leap Day!

The day I completed 500 days in the mission and my
comp completed 50 ...sad day!

Everyone here has pigs...and when they get fat the people kill them and have a big party.


Sometimes we like to play with sling shots...I wish I could say I killed this bird

but I'm not that skilled but all the little kids have these sling shots here
and the family Mercado gave each of us one and we always practice
when we go to their house.

So I feel bad that last week’s letter was so lame. I’m really sorry about that. I actually wasn’t as disanimada as you guys may have thought. I was fine with it, there just wasn’t much to report. But this week I feel like I could write a whole novel of everything that has happened. I will do my best to share with you how amazing and spiritually uplifting this week was.

First off we got the call Monday and I got to stay here in my beloved Caaguazu with my lovely compañera Hna Gonzalez. I always wanted to die in the compo (country) training. I got my wish! 
So we got to start leaving our apartment this week again. Presedente didn’t want us to start out at full speed so we started leaving for the mornings at 8 and studying in the afternoon when it’s so hot you just want to roll over and die... there were days this week we got up to 108 with humidity. But it was actually harder leaving in the mornings because everyone was cleaning their houses or sleeping. But it was amazing that God really guided us to the people we needed. We found SO MANY people this week and they all have amazing stories and are all very interested. I’m going to pick a few to share with you. 

We found a family a week before dengue. They were a reference from a member. They belong to a Christian church but the whole time they talked to us the first time they just talked about the apostasy and how their church just tries to follow the pure doctrine.... so we went back this week and got talking to the mom of the family. The first time we thought they were really die hard in their church but she started to open up to us and tell us all her doubts about her church. She basically grew up in a prison. She wasn’t allowed to leave her house except to go to church. She had to wear a dress always and couldn’t do her hair or wear make-up or do her nails.... they are REALLY strict. She said that for a long time she had psychological problems and all her siblings basically have the same problems. It was such an amazing lesson because we were really guided by the spirit to know what to say. We shared with her from the Book of Mormon and talked about programs the church has for youth so that they can be in the world but not of the world! She LOVED it and said she is going to start reading the Book of Mormon with her husband and she is going to sign her kids up for seminary tomorrow!!!! So pray for her. The family is called Frutos Spenetti. Weird last name. I think its Italian.... 

Also, this week Elder Bednar was in Buenos Aires and he did an area-wide conference for all the missionaries! It was so amazing!!!! It was as if he was in the same room with us and I received a lot of answers. 

This week we just found new people in tons of new ways!"!!!! I felt like we were just literally guided to their houses. One night we didn’t know what to do. All our plans fell through. There are some really rich houses in the center of out area and we started to just knock doors.... no one answered... we really never do this, but I thought it was good for my hija (trainee).. then we got to a beautiful house and we rang the doorbell.... yea, they had a door bell... that tells you how nice it was... and this super cute little boy comes out and gets his mom and she let us in and we talked to her for an hour.... we answered all her questions and she was just really happy. At the end she said I don’t know how I’m going to convince the rest of my family... but her name is Graciella pray for her!!!!

Honestly we found many more but I’m running out of time. Another huge miracle was the son of the family we reactivated, the family Akuña, got the priesthood last week and this week for the first time he blessed the sacrament. I cried so hard. It was such a special moment to see him up there and he told me he is preparing to go on a mission. This is the kid that told me that lots of missionaries passed by their house and it wasn’t till hna Lopez and I came that it really got into his heart that he needed to go back. 

Anyway, miracles are real. I’m alive and we are both dengue free!!!


hna Vaka pi po po 

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