Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hola MI GENTE ... (hello my people)


Look how happy Marta looks

This week went by soooooo fast!!!!!!!!! I feel like I get up every day and then it’s time for bed again. 

We have been working really hard but things keep happening that make it so we have like no time to go out and work. It’s hard training sometimes, especially at the end because she knows everything. hahh The other day I asked her if she was nervous about something or if there is something she wants me to go over again so that she is ready for when I leave. She told me a few things, and then she just started crying.... poor thing. It’s so hard when your mom leaves you and I think it’s double hard because I’m dying.... I feel bad for her. But she is such a great missionary, she is going to be fine. 

The biggest miracle of the week was that everything went smoothly and Ismael was baptized. It was so great to see him in the water. He looked so happy.

This week was kind of crazy because we are starting semana santa (Holy week) and this last Sunday was domingo de ramas (Palm Sunday). So like everyone was in the Catholic Church.... but its ok. We are just looking for new people right now. We keep finding people through miracles. The other day we were at the church and a lady was walking around the church for exercise. She started talking to us and she said we can visit her.... she literally lives in front of the church. 

A man told me this week that it’s impossible to follow the commandments. I thought about that over and over again. Why god would send us something impossible to do. He wouldn’t. I know that they are there to complete and when we fall short Christ is there to meet us half way and pull the rest. I’m so grateful for Him. This week I thought about his resurrection. What that really means. That we are all going to live again... what an amazing gift and if we do all that we can we will get to live again with Him.

I love you all!! I hope you have a great semana santa. 

Hermana Ball 

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