Monday, February 15, 2016

Dengue Round 2

 It all started Monday, we were sitting with a family that has dengue, my comp started asking how they knew they had dengue, how they felt... (mom, it was like that one time when I sprayed you with bear spray and right when you read the part about it possibly making you go blind you said your eyes were burning) jajajajaj That’s how it was, as soon as they started saying symptoms they have.... my companion was like “I feel like that and that and that”.... I was like, what!!! You didn’t tell me you weren't feeling well. So we went to the clinic immediately, they did her blood work and well..... she has DENGUE! Despite my best efforts, she got it... I was so so sad. So, as of last Monday, I have just been in the house. It's given me a lot of time to think which isn't good when you only have 6 weeks left. Luckily we had interviews with president this week and he came to our house. He talked to us for a little bit and then he was about to leave to go give all the elders their interviews. I told him wait up I want my interview! haha So he took us each into the kitchen and we got to talk to him one on one. I really needed it. I told him I'm not upset this is happening again nor am I feeling like why me.... I just want to know what the Lord wants me to learn and what he would like me to be doing with this time in the house. President gave me a lot of advice. One of them was that maybe I am learning how to take care of sick children so I will be prepared for my kids... I didn't appreciate that comment. jaja But it is interesting that this time around it's my newbie that's sick and not me. I really have been taking care of her like a mom. It’s hard the first time you're sick in the mission field and I have had lots of opportunities to take care of her. I have also had lots of time to read. One day my comp slept literally 24 hours so I took the time to get through Alma. I literally read 150 pages in a day and a half. 

Even though we haven't been able to leave and work the Lord is blessing us. The familia Mercado have a daughter that's grown up and she has a son that has a lot of medical problems. We went to visit her but she told us that she won't ever be able to go to church. Then we got a call Sunday morning from her asking if someone could come for her because she wanted to go to church! That was a huge miracle that she was able to go to church!

I love you all so much and hope you have a great week. Pray that my comp can get better so I can get out and work again!!


Hermana Ball 

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