Monday, February 1, 2016


It's been raining a lot.


Her first baptism.  I had to take a selfie . . .
This lady loves me because I look like her dead son's girlfriend
She gave me candy on Sunday, haha and didn't give my comp any.

This week was another week of miracles, the blessings of being with a new missionary. We taught Isabel last week. It was such a powerful lesson. She is so amazing, we taught with such unity and we really applied everything we have been studying. I was so happy with how it all went. She can’t meet us again until tonight so we really don’t know how she is doing. But this week she said we can start meeting more frequently. So I’m excited, but honestly I feel like she is going to be a huge miracle. 

In other news, two weeks ago there was a broadcast for all the missionaries in the world! Of course in Caaguazu the satellite wasn’t working so we didn’t see it then. But this last week we got to see it!!! It was so cool. They talked about if we want to baptize converts we need to teach more about repentance and speak more about Christ. I learned a lot.

Afterwards we had a retention lesson with a resent convert and we taught about tithing and it was so cool. We tried to apply all we have been studying and what we learned in the conference. It went soo good, think the district videos good! I’m so proud of mi hija (daughter) she is so quick at learning. But the bottom line is that we just feel like we have really been able to be instruments in the Lord’s hand. It’s cool when you leave a lesson and you just feel like you were able to be an effective instrument. I don’t always feel like that. 

In other news... EUGENIO got baptized!!!!! It was so amazing. We were scared he wouldn’t want to do it without his son, but he was chill. We even got his wife to sing a musical number with us. It went great. Marta is always inviting people to church. She brought one of the neighbor kids with her Sunday. I love them so much. I have seen our little branch grow so much these last two months here! This week we had 96 people at church, 1 investigator, 5 recent converts and are you ready.... 9 less actives!!! That’s the most of my whole mission!!!! It was such a tender mercy. 

I love Caaguazu!! I hope you all have a great week,

Hermana Ball

PS: ... people keep saying things like
cuando se va..... oh falta poco ya.     
Makes me want to cry.

(translation when do you leave...oh only a little bit left) I think that’s how you would say it in English, haha 

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