Monday, November 16, 2015

It's Getting Hot Here . . .

FHE with the Dominges family

Hermana McDougal soaking her legs in the pool to get cool

This last Monday we went to the familia Dominges house. They are converts that we always have fun FHE with. We make a matching game with those pictures of Jesus and then we played go fish with them. It was so fun, I love those kids. So that’s the picture of the kids at the table. 

A while back our air conditioning broke after me and Hermana Austin had fixed it only a month ago. So it was fine because it hasn’t been THAT hot, but then Tuesday it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot, and on top of that we don’t really have water in our house. I can’t remember if I have told you guys before, but we never have water at night. So we always brush our teeth with water bottles. A few times with Hermana Austin when it was really cold we had to bathe with them too. But it’s been fine until this week. It’s been so hot so we haven’t had water really ever. We have to bathe with bottles and wash dishes with bottles. Pablo and Wanilda have water because they are on the 1st floor but it just doesn’t get up to the third floor. We have been bathing in their house. Then to add to that we broke our only mirror in the house. Paraguayans don’t build houses with mirrors in the bathroom so we had one and it fell. Then we had a hand mirror but it also fell and broke so now we have a half broken hand mirror. 

So having all that in mind we had a multi-zone conference in Asuncion with President and I got to see HERMANA AUSTIN!!! It was the best! I was so happy to see her.  We didn’t look so good and it was funny because there was a whole part of the conference about taking care of our houses and that if we don’t have things that work we need to fix them. It’s not part of the mission to suffer, it’s part of the mission to learn how to fix those kinds of problems. So we left the conference ready to fix our problems.

We called an air repairman. He came and said “Ya you need new air”. Well that’s great, so the office said they could bring a new one. President just happened to be close to us so he dropped one off. While he was there we told him about the water problem. I think we looked terrible because he went down and talked to our landlord that min and told him that if it wasn’t fixed that week, we walk.... I didn’t know he could be so scary. They said today we should have it but its pouring rain so I don’t think that it will be today but soon... I hope...

It’s just so hard to sleep without air when it’s that hot. We both just lay without sheets with a fan on each of us. Our house doesn’t have windows on both sides so our bedroom is the hottest room in the house. 

After two sleepless nights and not showering, my comp began to not feel so good. Thursday she lay her head down on the desk... she started to have an asthma attack or that’s what we thought. She didn’t have any more meds in her inhaler so I called the couple missionaries, the Biglers, that live nearby and they came and got a new one. At the pharmacy here you can buy basically anything without a prescription. It’s way weird. She felt a little better but not much. Hermana Bigler said maybe it’s because it’s so hot in our house. So we went to their house and we tried to cool her down. I’ll send a pic of some of the things we tried.... haha The Biglers have a kitty pool they put in their house and they like to sit in it when it gets so hot. So my comp put her feet in it.... it was so funny. She started feeling better so we just stayed at their house to rest and the Biglers left. After a few hours she still didn’t feel better. Her heart kind of hurt and she couldn’t feel her whole left side. The Biglers took us to the hospital at like 9 at night. They told us that the inhaler they gave her was way more powerful then what she was used to. That can give people heart attacks so they gave her some meds and she started to feel a little better. We didn’t get home till midnight. I haven’t been out that late in forever. I was so dead. We had to cancel splits Friday. Hermana Wilson wouldn’t let her go out. Saturday we went out and I had the worst allergies like the whole day, I don’t know why!!! That night we got home so dead and what happens as I’m sitting in front of my fan ... the power goes out! So we drug our mattress out on the deck and slept out there. It was so many sleepless nights in a row... which lead to just a really long week. But we fixed the air and they are supposed to fix the water soon. We have a promise of 24 hour water, and we will buy a mirror today! 

Although we didn’t get to work much, which is so hard when you’re a missionary, we did teach Ivana Thursday before my comp got bad, which was such a miracle. She is so great and is progressing so much. She knows she needs to get baptized. She was at church yesterday and we told her that she should see if we could have a FHE with her family tonight. She said she would see, then she just called and said that they said yes!!!! So we will go and teach her family tonight. I feel really good about it. So pray we have a better week. Elder Bigler gave my companion a blessing on Friday for her health and it was so beautiful. I was just sobbing the whole time. Then I thought maybe I need one too, so I asked and he gave me one. I haven’t had a blessing in a long time so it was just such a tender mercy. He told me what I needed to hear. I have felt lately like I’m not doing what I’m supposed to, like I’m not doing enough. Basically he said that’s not true. He told me specifically what I need to do for the sisters. Some of the things were things I have been doing. He literally described something I did word for word. It made me just realize God sees what I’m doing, my effort, my diligence, even on weeks like this. He sees me trying. He saw me on Saturday just fighting not to go back home because of my allergies. He was proud of me for sticking it out and blessed us with Ivanna in the church Sunday! I love the mission with all my heart. This week was the week last year that I arrived here in Paraguay!!!! I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE!

Hermana Ball
I tell Wanilda this every night. 
Ponderize: St John 15:13-15 Christ calls us his friends. He loves us more then we can comprehend. 

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