Monday, November 30, 2015

I'm thankful to be in San Lorenzo

I don’t know if I told you but the whole mission is doing a big event for Christmas and every zone has to come up with a presentation. I thought of doing a live nativity.... my zone was lame at first and complained that everyone would be doing the same thing, when in reality we are the only ones... We put in some classic jokes about Paraguay, but nothing ridiculous. Somehow I have become the director and it’s a complete disaster. No one listens to me. I have to run all over doing basically everyone’s part for them. Tuesday we were practicing and President came in with his wife.... oh man I was sweating so bad. But he approved it, so we are good to go. Tomorrow is our last practice so please pray that it all comes out good. 

Tuesday we also had Thanksgiving dinner the Biglers, the couple missionaries in our ward. It was way fun. Sister Bigler made us way good food. I was in heaven!!!!

So then because of all the practices on Tuesday and everything we didn’t have a lot of time so we were rushing and we didn’t think we would have a lot of time to talk to people. But my comp is so great and is always looking for people to serve. She runs up to this lady and we start talking to her and she accepted a Book of Mormon. ( I HADN’T EVEN BROUGHT ONE. I THOUGHT WE WOULD HAVE NO TIME. WHERE IS MY FAITH??) and then we had to go home and drop off our clothes and we really didn’t have time after that, I didn’t know what to do so then Hermana Mcdougal just walks over to our neighbors that are always outside and we start talking to them and they are like “Why do people call you Mormons?” I’m like man I don’t even have a Book of Mormon but then she pulls out another book. When we were home she had grabbed another one. We taught them about it and they accepted the book. I was so humbled and learned a lot from her. I am always learning and RELEARNING things in the mission. I use to be so good about stuff like that knowing we have a little time and leaving with lots of faith and just knowing God would but someone in our path, but I guess I lost it. After Tuesday I was determined to not give up more opportunities like maybe I have been. 

Wednesday I was with Hermana GILCHRIST in Ita. It was so fun to be with her. I shared the above story and told her that today we were going to look for people to serve. All day I was praying for someone to serve. In the afternoon we were walking and we see this woman that is pregnant and her mother who is older carrying a bunch of grocery bags. (just so you know, this was THE hottest day of my life) I was literally sweating so bad. I think the humidity was just so high. I don’t remember ever sweating so bad that I had drops falling off my face, but it was that bad. We asked if we could help them, normally people say no and keep going but these women were really in need and they handed us the bags with no problem .... I don’t know how they had made it this far!!! It was so hot and the bags were so heavy! We started to walk with them and the woman said they had been to our church before and had just stopped going because they knew they needed to be baptized and they are scared of water..... NOT A PROBLEM. haa We walked them home and we asked if we could share with them. After we shared they agreed to let us come back and then they hugged us so tight and told us we had been sent from God to them, that they were in need and they know God heard their prayer. I left so amazed at what God can do if we just look for people to serve!!!! I love being able to go to the sisters’ areas and getting to learn from them and also reminding them of stuff like service because I know I too need reminders. 

Thursday we had Thanksgiving. We got to spend it with hermana gilchrist and her comp. They needed to go to the hospital and our house was closer so we just went to them and studied all together and ate together. We already had plans to eat with Pablo and Wanilda so we all ate together. We went around and all said what we were grateful for.... Pablo said the church and the love he feels there.... it was super awesome, and Wanilda said that she is grateful that God hears her prayers and sends her people she can serve. She is always finding people that are going through the same stuff as her and she just holds them and gives them comfort.

I also made a trip to the hospital Thursday because since I fell I have had a big lump on my foot that never has gotten smaller. It looks like a goose egg. They said it’s a little tumor of water, I don’t know, but I have to put a cream on it three times a day. Dont worry about me, though, I really am fine. It doesn’t bother me. I just got worried about why it wasn’t going away and I wanted to go now while I live by the hospital. If I leave to the country it’s a lot harder to go to the hospital. But we did lose a whole day there and I got my very first ultrasound. haha It was a lot of fun... they also spelled my name wrong on all the official forms. It says Yenny hahahah which isn’t even how you spell it in Spanish, Yenni, but it’s fine. Just classic Paraguay. 

This week we had to complete a lot of sister leader things. I feel really blessed for the opportunity I have had to serve here in San Lorenzo. We have transfers this Wednesday. So we will see what happens, but I really don’t feel like I’m leaving. We will see... I don’t want to leave but I do at the same time. It’s weird. Good thing we don’t decide. haha I will accept what God wants. 

I love you all,
xoxoxoxo Hermana Ball

Ponderize D&C 64:10 I the Lord will forgive whom I will forgive, but of you it is required to forgive all me.
I have been thinking a lot about forgiveness lately. Some people here just have no concept of forgiving someone. It’s so sad. 

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