Monday, January 18, 2016

The Second Time Is the Charm

This is how they sell chipa here.  They fill this basket up with chipa
and then they go around and sell it in the streets.

With my new daughter, Hermana Gonzalez
One last hug with my best friend in the mission.  RIP Hermana Austin.
Mburucuya.  It's this fruit they have here.  You should have seen my daughter's
face when they wanted her to eat this.  haha
Look at her face!! Priceless.
So Monday we went to the doctor and he told us that our white blood cell count was doing a lot better. He told us we were now allowed to walk a few blocks. haha, After he told us that, we basically just took it as we are all good to go now. 

Tuesday we went to our meeting with the elders, and we had a testimony meeting because it was the end of the transfer. When my comp was giving her testimony I just knew that we were going to have transfers. Our district leader called us in the afternoon to confirm what I had feared.  “Hermanas....  Hermana Lopez is going to be leaving.....” We just started to sob. I literally couldn’t even talk to him. I have never reacted so dramatically to transfers. I don’t know why. I think me and Hna Lopez just got really close through our shared dengue haha. The Elder heard me crying and he was like “Hermana Ball, Hna Ball, guess what’s going to happen to you!!! YOU’RE GOING TO BE A MAMA!!!!”

So here I am in ROUND TWO of training. It was so crazy. This transfer they changed the way that we do transfers. I had to travel by myself. It was so weird to be alone. I’m for sure going to be one of THOSE awkward return missionaries. When I got there I hadn’t slept all night and then I saw Hna AUSTIN and I flipped out. I think I had the opposite of a nervous breakdown. I don’t know what happened.,... but I was shaking all over from joy. I got to talk to her for a good amount of time. It was so fun but now she is dead (finished her mission).... and that makes me sad. RIP Hna Austin.

So I bet you’re wondering who is my second hija (daughter). Her name is HERMANA GONZALEZ and she is from Argentina!!! Argentina for life, my second companion from Argentina. I thought I knew all the weird words they say there but she has plenty that she uses that I don’t understand. I think she thinks I don’t understand Spanish, but it’s just because she is always using weird words. But she is sooooo cute. I think she is kind of having some culture shock. We were teaching a lesson the other day and it was a really poor house with all kinds of animals and the baby was just lying on the dirt floor. We left and she was like petrified. haha I felt right at home. The picture with the fruit, that was so funny. She did not want to eat that and I know she didn’t like it. I wanted to eat like 5. It’s one of my favorite things here. She is really great though and excited to work and she learns fast. We are going to have so much fun together.

Update on the family Mercado. Eugenio didn’t get baptized this week because the branch president went to visit him and the son that we have been teaching, Lorenzo, was there and Lorenzo told him he wants to get baptisted and president was like why don’t we wait and have a joint baptism!! Good idea, president.... that was our plan from the start and then he changed everything ahah but its fine. So now we are just teaching and preparing Lorenzo for his baptism. I love seeing this family change. The mom told me Sunday, “We had a lot of people in church. How many were there today?” I told her 96 which is tons!! I was so excited! I think we hit that once in San Lorenzo. She looked at me and said “We are going to start working in my part of the neighborhood. We can double that number!” haha she is so excited to share the gospel. I love this family. Her other son wants to start taking the lessons so we have an appointment with him on Tuesday. I’ll let ya know how it goes.

My poor companion. It’s her first Monday and her account isn’t working. She is just looking at me right now with this sad face. They told her tomorrow she will be able to get in. It’s so fun being with someone new. It helps me remember the beauty of the mission. Too many things have become normal to me, but watching her experience, everything for the first time, is so fun. I’m so grateful that I get to finish my mission that way!!!

I love you all so much. Have a great week and don’t worry about me. I think my dengue is all gone.
Oh I almost forgot. More than once this week we were in lessons with people that speak Guarani and I could understand them! It’s been happening a lot with the family Mercado. I understand everything the mom says. My companion says I speak like a Paraguayan. I hadn’t even realized how much Guarani I have learned but it’s crazy how much the Lord has been blessings me to understand what these people’s needs are. 

Hermana Ball 

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