Monday, January 4, 2016


So two Saturdays ago, the day after I talked to you guys, I woke up with my eye all swollen and my lips covered in little bumps. The pharmacist told me it was a sty on my eye and my lips were from an allergic reaction. All day I was a little bugged about those things. On Sunday I woke up and my whole body just hurt. We went to church and the whole time I was basically sleeping on my companion. I didn’t feel good at all. Then my comp started to feel dizzy. She couldn’t even walk straight. We went to lunch and then went home to study. When we got to the house we were really not feeling good. We decided to nap during our studies and then leave after the nap. We slept for like 6 hours and then woke up all worried because we had a meeting with our ward mission leader. We hurried to the church. When we got there our ward mission leader was like “Are you guys ok? You don’t look so good.” We didn’t feel so good either. So we went home and when we got home we realized we had a pretty high fever and so we called our leaders. They informed us that we needed to go to the clinic immediately. I guess there has been a huge break out of dengue, a disease like yellow fever, transmitted by mosquitos. Luckily we have a clinic in front of our house. We went over and he was like “Yeah, you have dengue but we will take a blood test to be sure....” the blood test said that we BOTH had dengue. The elders came and gave us a blessing. There is no cure for dengue just rest. So we had to stay in the house this whole week. And we are actually still on house arrest until Wednesday of this week. Hermana Wilson called us every day to see how we were doing. The dumb thing is we were fine, just the first few days we couldn’t walk, but then we got better and then we were fine and we just wanted to leave but they said that if we left that we would get a lot worse and we could give the dengue to other people. We also had to go in every few days for them to do blood work to see how we were doing. Our white blood cell count went way down so we are susceptible to other things right now. That’s why we still can’t leave. We are waiting for our blood work to be better. They said that if we had been in Asuncion we would have had to be in the hospital that whole time. Luckily we are in Caaguazu and there aren’t good hospitals here so we just had to stay in our house all day long. It was fun for like five seconds, then it was just terrible being trapped inside. Saturday President came all the way from Asuncion with his wife to visit us. They stayed for two hours. That was the highlight of the whole week. Don’t worry about me. I’m really fine. The side effects are all gone, we are just waiting on our platelets and white blood cells. They are being way overly cautious because there are people here that have dengue and just keep working normally.  I guess that’s why it’s spreading so much, haha.  The funniest thing is we had to sleep under a mosquito net so we are just laying on our beds, “Hey, how you doing over there?” “I’m fine. How are you?” “My back hurts” haha just comparing our pains all day long. But I’m really fine now.

I love you all so much,

Hermana Ball

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