Wednesday, April 22, 2015

La lluvia cayo y todo se inundo y Maria en la agua se bautizo!

It rained so much this week.
This is the street we wanted to get to Maria but her street was literally a river.

Look how many people showed up.  I was so happy!!!

I'm kinda bugged because you can't see so good.  It was really dark, but she looked just like an angel!

¡¡¡Hola Familia!!!!!!

This week was full of ups and downs. I don’t know why but Hermana Guardado and I have not been feeling so good lately. One day she would feel bad and the next I would feel bad, like physically. I’m as happy as I have ever been. It’s just hard feeling sick sometimes, nothing major. I worry about her more than me. She really needs to go to the doctor and she doesn’t want to. ugh Anyway it was never anything that kept us from working, but we were moving a little slower this week. We have been really struggling finding new investigators lately. It’s a daily struggle and then one day we finally found two young girls in the hardest part of our area. We literally have no one in that part of our area. We were stoked because they both accepted a baptismal date! But then they both didn’t come to church so that stunk and we passed by their houses and they weren’t home. ugh One of them is named Jenny!! It made me happy. I still have hope for them, the other is named Maira. 

So we have been having Notche de Hogar in the house of Maria every Monday but this past Monday we all were gathered (It’s so cute. We have two newly converts, our relief society president, Maria, Rocio un investigadora, and the son of Maria and her daughter in law) so it’s always a full house and anyone that we want to invite is invited. This week we watched The Testaments. It was so awesome!!! All the woman were crying at the end where Papanwa gets to see Jesus! If you don’t know what I’m talking about go watch this inspired film, it’s amazing. The next day we had a mini interview with Maria to prepare her for her interview and everything went great! She wanted us to come the next day for her interview, so we went the next day with our district leader and literally they were in the interview for like an hour and a half! Everything went great. She just loves to talk and when you’re talking to her she is so knowledgeable in the Bible that she is always teaching us! The next day she called us and said she wanted us to pass by her house haha just to say hi. haha We ended up having a really spiritual discussion. We talked about temples and we were trying to teach about King Solomon’s temple but we couldn’t remember who it was that built a temple. She was like “Chicas lee la biblia todo esta a allá” (sisters, read the Bible, everything is in there).... haha but I just love her soooo much! Saturday she was just so ready to get in the water! Everything just went so great and her son and daughter in law came and so did her other son but he said “I’m not coming in” but he came in for a minute and looked around and then waited outside. I have hope for him and his wife!!! well girlfriend, they aren’t married. No one gets married here. We will have to work hard to help them understand the importance! But ya, Maria was just glowing and Sunday we taught about la santa cena and she was answering all the questions and I just felt the spirit so strong! I know that miracles are so real because it was such a miracle that everything just literally went so smoothly. haha We did forget to bring a towel for her so she was trying to get dry from paper towels, whoops, but other than that!

I’m so grateful that I get to be here right now in Villa Elisa with Hermana Guadado. Everything is great with me. Hopefully we will be having some more baptisms soon, Rocio and the family of Maria! Pray for us!!! and I will pray for you all. I miss you sooo much. 

Siempre estoy orando para ustedes. Extraño MUCHOOO.

(I am always praying for you all.  I miss you very much)


Hermana Ball

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