Monday, April 27, 2015

A Vivir Asi Yo Aqui Aprendi Hakunamata

Hey, don't need to post this picture, I was just trying to get a good
picture of my hair so you guys could see.  I love it so much. You
can't really tell, but its a lot more blond than it looks.

District Activity


This is where I painfully handwash all my clothes, haha

Our kitchen is huge

View from our balcony

One of my greatest joys of being with Hermana Guardado is she knows all the Disney songs in Spanish. ahha We just sing all the time. That’s why my subject line is that.... 
We had a really great week, still haven’t really found any new investigators which is hard... BUT we are going to have 2 baptisms this Saturday!!!! Cristobal, the son of Maria, and Rocio, the aunt of one of our other recent converts, Karen. Both are from part member families! We are sooo stoked especially because Cristobal is 12 years old so he can get the priesthood!!! He is so smart. It’s not like he is just being baptized because his mom was. She asked him the other day, “I want to know what you think about all this because by being baptized you’re going to be different than the other kids, you will have different standards and you’re going to be made fun of” and he said “I know mom but I also know that it’s the right thing!!!” He is totally going on a mission someday, haha I love him!

Sunday was so beautiful. The whole gospel principles class was filled with our recent converts and soon to be converts and investigators. I just felt so blessed! But the work here is really hard. Sometimes we go a whole day and only teach 3 or 4 lessons. When I was in Cornol I would teach like 7 lessons every day. We always had at least 5 contacts a day and here we barely ever have 2. It’s hard, but I know that it’s just a test to see if we will keep working even though we aren’t having tons of success. By that I mean new investigators, but we have faith and I think everything is going to work out. I’m getting kind of nervous because this is the last full week of this transfer. Next Wednesday is transfers and I will be in charge of this area ahhhhh. Ok, I’m not going to think about that. 

Maria had been begging to get her fingers in my hair, she is a hairstylist. I finally agreed. This week we colored and cut my hair, which was really hard for me, I feel like my hair is so short! It doesn’t look like it but I can tell. I think she cut a good 3.5 in. but I actually love it so much! She is really good that’s the only reason I agreed. Then she wanted to do it for free. That woman gives away everything. You can’t tell her you like something because you will leave with it. The other day I said I liked her scarf, its mine now haha. But I didn’t let her do my hair for free. I know that the color isn’t cheap and she only uses really nice product....

Another random fact. We don’t have nearly as many cockroaches here as we did in my last house, but they are like 10 times bigger. I think the others were just babies. Anyways sometimes we wake up to 1 or 2 dead on the ground, or so I thought, but I guess they were just flipped over and then my comp would smush them. I didn’t know this, so today I was cleaning and I began to sweep one of the dead bodies away that had been sitting there since yesterday morning and it hopped up and scampered off. I was sooo freaked out hahah and screaming and Hermana Guardado was like “what are you doing sweeping it up?” ahha I thought it was dead!!!! Apparently they get flipped over and then can’t flip back, I don’t know, but it was really freaky. 

Everything is really great with me. My comp is still having lots of medical problems, her problems with her back are making her kind of cranky ahah and causing other pains in her body but hopefully they can help her this week. It’s been a week of taking this medication so now that it’s not working she will have to go to the doctor, I hope. It’s so hard not being able to help her when she is just crying in pain.... but other than that we are just working hard in our little part of Villa Elisa!!! 

I love you all so much!!!
Hermana Ball

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