Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I'm Alive - Nov 18, 2014

So we just got to the mission home after our hour and a half flight from good old Argentina. Our mission president picked us up from the airport and made sure we got our visas. I love him already and the amazing thing is I can pretty much understand what he says. He told me if I read El Libro de Mormon every day I will be able to speak Spanish in three months. So I am banking on that promise.


When I saw Paraguay from the sky I just started crying. These are my people! I love it here already! It was immediately obvious how much hotter it is here. But I love it. We are staying in a hotel tonight, well just the sisters, the elders are staying in this ghetto room at the mission home. I guess they love us a lot and tomorrow I get to meet my trainer. Odds are she will be Latino. President told me there are 5 trainers for us 5 newbies and 4 are Latino. I have faith that the Lord and President know what they are doing, but that news made my heart stop dead.


The last day at the CCM was so emotional. I know most people want out bad but I think Argentina is special. I loved my CCM time so much. President Willis put it good, “It’s like the Garden of Eden, you have learned everything you can. You have to move on to progress”.  So that’s what I am doing.


It was lots of tear filled goodbyes and now I am here and just ready to work.


I love you all so much. I pray for you!!!



Hermana Ball 


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