Monday, February 2, 2015

It's the little things that count

Hermana Escobar is afraid of all these bridges. haha
We have to walk over them,
she just goes so fast or looks for another way to go.
So I was laying on this one and she was worried about me.
I love her.

This is Hermana Escobar and me with our
Christmas tree of gratitude Ali's mom sent us!!

This week was really hard, like I said in my last week’s letter, we had to go to Asuncion Monday which really wears you out. So all day Tuesday we just felt tired and sick. Also it was really hot this week. We met some really great people, we met a family. It’s a young married couple, yeah they are married!!! This is a big deal. Often people aren’t married or they are still married to someone else and getting divorced is really expensive, so lots of missionaries have this problem here. But they are married and they have a sweet little baby. They were both really nice and welcoming. I have a lot of esperanza (hope) for them. Oh, they also have a motorcycle so they could get themselves to church!!! but they didn’t come this Sunday. I still have faith in them. 

So we were planning on heading back to Asuncion Thursday because that’s what the office elders told us but then Tuesday night we get a call at 9:30 saying we needed to be in Asuncion at 9:30 Wednesday. So another sleepless night and a long bumpy three and a half hour bus ride to Asuncion. We learned that depending on the driver is how fast you get there because we made it there almost an hour faster than we did Monday. So we had extra time. We just slept in the terminal and then went to the office. It was great seeing Hermana Rozsa and Hermana Richards and Elder Evans all from my batch. Everything went smoothly at immigration so hopefully they won’t need me again for 6 months. Then we ate a real pizza at pizza hut. It was 30 mil which killed me. It wasn’t even full size.  I don’t know why, it seemed like a ton! I usually spend like 90 mil for my groceries for a whole week but then I had to remember 4 mil is a dollar so it was like 8 dollars.. but it was sooo good to have real pizza!!

Anyway we got home pretty late and studied and that was all for Wednesday. So then our sleep just never got back on track. I hate waking up every day feeling tired and sick. So this week was really just kind of the worst, but I did have a miracle. Monday when we got back it was too late to buy something from a bakery for district reunion and I was too cheap to buy it from the main grocery store, its way over-priced, and by over-priced, haha it’s like 2 dollars but again my sense of money is kind of skewed. I bought stuff to make chocolate chip cookies and I have made them before but they came out kind of weird so I changed the recipe a little and the batter looked so weird and I was so tired at this point, I just kept praying and praying they would work out because we needed something to take to the elders. They are always making fun of us because they think they cook better than us. It wasn’t even about that. I just needed something for them, and they turned out so good!!! I was just crying. I know it was a blessing from God because I made them another day selfishly for Hermana Escobar and I and they turned out way gross. I know it’s a way small thing but honestly that was my big indicator this week that Heavenly Father loves me. 

Another thing, I was reading in the Ensign when I was at the office, we still haven’t received ours for enero (January) and there is a great article about a man who served in Sterling’s mission. It was such a cool story. I started crying right there in the office and then president came out. He was like ahhh are you sisters ok? haha He gave us some candy. He felt so bad we had to come twice this week. I love him. Did I tell you we are getting a new president in June?? I don’t want a new president! but I am kind of excited to see the things that will change. I hope I get to have an interview with this president before he leaves.... 

So this is my official last week of training. Our change is next Wednesday, so we will see if Hermana Escobar is with me another change or not. Most likely, no. She has been here 3 changes... but I am so scared for her to leave. I will be in charge of showing my new comp all around and I don’t know, I am scared about it. I am praying to get someone who doesn’t speak English so I can have the next change be really hard and full of growth and leave coronl feeling confident in Spanish. I am on my way but I think that’s what would really help me so pray I don’t get a North American!!! So ya, the change is the 11 of February. Pray hard. That’s all I got this week. Sorry I don’t have more, like I said it was a hard week.

Oh, I forgot to say we didn’t have anyone at church and when we talked to Justina this week she told us she doesn’t understand why she needs to be baptized again. She has already done it a lot, but if it’s what God wants, she will. Also she wants to wait till conference because one of the members told her at conference was when she received her answer. When she told us this we wanted to die. Conference isn’t for a while, we told her. But we left her with the conference talk by Bednar “Come and See”. She said she loved it, so I hope she can realize going to conference isn’t necessary for her to receive an answer.

Also one of my first really big Spanish mistakes happened this week. I was writing the paso de oración in Justinas libro de mormón because she said she keeps forgetting and I wrote te pedo por....but i meant te pido por,  I ask for, but instead it said I fart for. hahahashh Luckily Hermana Escobar saw and took it and fixed it. haha Ya, that was way funny. I just remembered that also pedo is foot in medical terms. Hermana Escobar just told me. haha Ok, ya that’s all I got this week. Love you all,

Hermana Ball  o Vaca pi pu pu

PS: Sorry my spelling is so bad. I am writing on a Spanish keyboard that is so old and keeps wanting to change all my words to Spanish words and the keys stick, so ya just forgive me if it’s hard to understand what I am saying.

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