Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Los Milagros Continuan

Hola Familia,

Man, time is just flying by. I can’t believe how quickly time is going. I am learning so much. My comp and I made really good goals for this change and we have been working hard at planning and eating healthy and speaking CASTELLANO!!! It is so hard especially when it is hot and I feel like my brain is in a frying pan. Basically in these moments this week we would just sing hymns in Spanish, which I am surprised at how many I have memorized. I guess singing a million times a day they start to stick. But ya, this week was really hot. I think it rained maybe twice for a few min. and that was it. It was hard getting people to want to do much of anything in that heat. 


Our main wonderful investigadora is still Justina. She is progressing so much. We went to see her juevas and we were reading from the Book of Mormon and she thought it was the Bible again even after we have explained a million times what it is. We explained again and I think she really understood this time and when we came back she said she had read what we had assigned her and was eager to hear what to read next. We told her to start from the beginning. She is such a missionary already. She is always thinking of more people we can teach. I love her so much. So we were worried she wouldn’t come to church Sunday because she kept saying if it’s not too hot I will come. I guess she has some kind of blood pressure problems that worsen in the sun, I don’t know. So we were praying so hard that we could get her there and that we could have a member help. So many milagros later she is sitting in church with a smile on her face and her Book of Mormon in her lap asking me to mark every scripture they are quoting. I love her. So ya, she is all set for baptism this Saturday!!! If only she will get on board, we will be all set. She thinks she isn’t ready so we have a way awesome plan of visiting her every day, which you have to do with any investigator leading up to the week of the baptism.  We have a member to help us every day and way awesome lessons planned. She is going to be baptized, I know it!!! We will nail her to Saturday as her date tomorrow. 


This week I was working on really listening to the spirit in all parts of the day and I was getting a little discouraged because sometimes I listen to the spirit and it doesn’t seem to even make a difference to the person. Like I feel really inspired to say something and it doesn’t make the person accept a date. But I am learning that doesn’t mean it wasn’t the spirit. One great example was this week we were inviting Justina and she kept saying I need to learn more and we finally gave up and started to say the final prayer. During the prayer this whole speech in Spanish came to my mind. So after I said “I know that I struggle with Spanish but I feel like I have to share this” I then proceeded to tell her all about how God calls the meek and humble to his work. I told her that’s why he called Joseph and that’s why he entrusts 18 and 19 year old kids to preach his gospel. I told her about the priesthood and how it’s not about the person holding it. They aren’t perfect people, they are just striving to be worthy of the calling they have. At the end she didn’t cry or accept a date, but I think she finally understood what we were saying all along. I know I couldn’t have done any of that without the spirit. 


Another time this week we asked a member to come with us, she is really great, a new convert. We went to 3 houses and no one was home. I was praying so hard we would find someone because it’s really hard to get members to want and come and walk in the hot sun. Then when people aren’t home it really doesn’t make them wanna come again. I felt really strongly we should visit this contact we had been trying to get a hold of for quite some time. As soon as the thought came to me I got so excited thinking “ya this is the time the whole family is going to be home, I just know it.” Anyway we turned and went there and no one was home. At first I was so crushed and I felt like I wasn’t listening to the spirit close enough. Later that night I was still thinking about it and I came to the conclusion that just because the result we expect to happen doesn’t it doesn’t mean it’s not the spirit. Maybe if we had gone that other way we would have been in harm’s way or I don’t know, missed an opportunity to listen to this new convert and what she needed. The member who was with us, maybe she just needed to talk. I don’t know, but I do know if we listen, the spirit will guide us. So don’t feel discouraged when the results aren’t always what you expect. 


Cross your fingers that we have a baptism this week. I am praying for you always!!!


Lots of love,

Hermana Pelota

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