Monday, December 15, 2014

Feliz Navidad

Christmas is up at our house.
I also convinced Hermana Escobar to buy Christmas lights.
They were like $2 so we have them in our room.

This is us with a member.
 All the youth are so sweet and love to come with us on Sundays.
 It kind of slows us down, but I like it.  They help lots with Spanish.

This is our bathroom.
We really have it good!

Can You Believe Christmas is in 10 days !!!!!!!
This week Hermana Escobar and I worked on being better at planning. In the past it’s been hard because we make plans to see people and then they are never home. So this week we decided to make really good plans and back up plans and back up for our back up. Then after planning we would say a prayer and we would pray for each of the people individually and the specific miracle we wanted to happen in regards to that person. The next day it was amazing to see the miracles we asked for the night before come together. We didn’t always get the exact thing we prayed for but often we were surprised at the simplicity of the miracle, like someone just being home and listening to the message we had planned for them.
I have learned a lot this week about having faith that miracles do happen, and that a miracle isn’t only someone being raised from the dead. One miracle was that Hermana Escobar and I stopped to answer the phone and I looked down the street and there was a man looking at us and waving. He came closer and Hermana Escobar told me he was a new convert that didn’t come to church because of some health problems, he is kind of old. As we talked to him we realized how much he needed our attention and love. We arranged for a member of the ward to take him to church Sunday. It was a miracle to me as I watched him walk in to church with tears in his eyes and a smile on his face.
Another miracle this week was finding some amazing new investigators. One is an old woman Justina who is actually not new but someone we met with the first day we were here and decided to stop seeing because her and her daughter-in-law had heard all the lessons but still weren’t progressing and they had started accepting lessons from a Jehovah Witness woman. They are kind of intense and we just didn’t feel good going. Anyway, after one of our amazing planning sessions we thought about her and decided to go the next day. When we got to her house we both thought ummm maybe we shouldn’t go, but we said a prayer and decided to go anyway. We showed her EL ES LA DADIVA (I feel dumb, I spelled that wrong last week-it’s because the way I spelled it is how I always say it and Hermana Escobar has to correct me, but it doesn’t matter because no one here knows what that means. We always have to say dadiva significa regalo.) Anyway we showed the video and she loved it and we had a good lesson and we invited her to be baptized and she started talking about how she knows that her baptism before wasn’t good and she needs to again but she never said a for sure yes but.... we went and picked her up Sunday and she came to church!!!! It was great because we haven’t had an investigator at church since my first Sunday. She was so into Relief Society, she kept answering questions and things..... and also we heard a member talking to her and she asked if she understands Spanish and she said not really, so we think that may have been the problem in the past. She didn’t know what we were saying!!! So we are going to take a member with us the next time we visit her and we are going to get her committed to a date. She was smiling so big the whole ride home and I could tell she felt The Spirit. PS: we got the president of Roma to take us to get her in his CAR. I haven’t been in a car in forever. It was so fun, but I found myself feeling frustrated because if we could have even bikes we could get around so much faster. It takes us like 40 min to walk to her house and in a car it was like 10 min.
Ugh and this week we started focusing on different neighborhoods. We go to a different area each day and we keep finding more and more that is a part of our area. It’s crazy how big our area is. We went to Pendty again and we found out there is a place past it called Placido that is ours too! So many people to teach. It’s just hard because we take so much time getting there we don’t get to teach as much. The day we went there we only taught two lessons and the rest of the time we were contacting and walking so that’s why this week I just keep wanting a bike. haha But Hermana Escobar doesn’t want to ask the president because she says she doesn’t know how to ride one. haha I love her so much.
Oh, that’s the other thing. Last week I felt so bad because I had a million emails and her family didn’t even write her, only her trainer’s mom. So I was thinking maybe some of you could write her something short this week. Just say hi. Her email is sonia.escobar at I know she would love it.
So anyway, this week was just another week in good old hot Paraguay. It’s really hot now that we are into December. It also rained this week a lot which is almost worse because after it rains it gets really hot, but for the 30 min of rain, it’s perfect.
I love the structure of the schedule of mission life. I was thinking about it last night, I have never been so motivated in my life. I love knowing exactly what I need to be doing when. I never feel like I am wasting time. It’s great. 
The only other major thing this week was that I was asked to speak Sunday on our last week in the Roma 1 chapel. It was really hard for me 10 of solo me speaking Spanish. I mostly read what Hermana Escobar helped me prepare. The amazing thing was my reading is getting so much better and my pronunciation. After the talk lots of people said they loved my message which made me feel good that they could even understand my message. It was about how you don’t need to have a missionary tag to bring others to the gospel. haha One girl told me the first week when you bore your testimony was terrible. I didn’t know what you said at all, but today I could understand it all. I think that was a compliment but it kind of hurt my feelings at the same time. haha They are really blunt here some things people say to me a lot “You have gained a lot of weight since you got here. You are getting kind of fat. Don’t you guys walk a lot?” Well, maybe don’t feed me so much, ahah their portions here are so crazy. The members feed us a lot which is awesome since they don’t really eat dinner here you just have to stuff yourself at lunch and wait for breakfast.  “Why are you so sweaty??” umm because it’s hot!! “What’s that red thing on your face???” A zit. I know I’m really sweaty, so I keep breaking out. haha I love them, though. They ask those things because they are truly worried about your well-being. ha
Anyway, can you believe how close Christmas is!!! I am really stoked. We got an email today saying we can call from Sunday to Christmas, any day we want. We get 40 min and it’s skype. I don’t really know how the skype works. I hope Hermana Escobar does... so I need to know what day is best and what time for you .I was thinking I can call mom for 20 and dad for 20. I don’t know which day is best for you. We don’t email next Monday. We just get on to see what you said and then we call. So I need to know what time. That’s really the most important part. I don’t know the time difference, so can you figure that out?? I need mom and dad to talk and figure it all out because it is stressing me out thinking about it. I don’t get computers and I don’t know how it’s all going to go, so we just have to hope it all works out ok!!! 
I love you all so much and can’t wait to see your faces. 
Hermana Ball

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