Sunday, October 12, 2014

Departed SLC Wednesday, Oct 8, 2014. Letter written Thursday, October 9th.

Hello family!

 I made it here alive, we came to the CCM, and got thrown right into Spanish being greeted by a few (more like a hoard) elders speaking Spanish. I think they loved how frazzled we were hearing it. The keyboards down here are way different so I keep making mistakes which takes more time! I only have 5 min to write. They said just state the basics, no packages to MTC, write me lots though! I love everyone.

The flight was not bad at all and I got to sit by a way cute sister missonary and she is like my new best friend. It was so fun to get to talk to someone going to my same mission. We had a HUGE batch from Salt Lake and met many more missionaries in Atlanta. In total I think about 25, with 8 sisters, 5 are going to Paraguay!!! including  my companion who is so sweet.  I like her a lot. Her name is Hermana Rosa. She is from Arizona.

Everyone assumes I know Spanish, of course, but I don't, so I just say "si" a lot! haha but that's ok. I talked to some sisters who helped me and they told me they learned soooo quick here.

The temple is closed until the 30th of October which made me really sad, but that's ok. It's not too far away. 

The church is still true and I really really love all of you so much! I am so excited to hear more and be able to write you more next week. I can see the temple from outside this window and it is so beautiful. It is sooooo beautiful here! ah. Ok I have to go now, but I love you, I love you, I love you! 

I stayed way longer then all the elders I was with, hah.

mucho mucho love,
(officially) Hermana Ball xoxoxoox

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